Abbess Mhera


Known Predecessor:Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye
Known Successor:Abbot Apodemus
Voice(s): Rachel Murphy

Mhera was a female otter Abbess of Redwall Abbey. She was the daughter of Rillflag and Filorn, elder sister to Deyna, and a descendant of Deyna I.

During the time when Deyna was being cast out of the Juskarath, Lady Cregga Rose Eyes had decided that Mhera should be the next Abbess of Redwall Abbey. She then put into motion a plan that she and Abbess Songbreeze had conceived many seasons ago.

Cregga showed Mhera and Gundil a small statue of a squirrel that she kept in her room. The statue, carved from heavy dark wood, was actually a cleverly-concealed bottle that Songbreeze's father, Janglur Swifteye, had carved. Gundil discovered how to open the bottle, and the two decided to find the solution to the puzzle they found stuffed inside it.

The paper inside the bottle led them first to a lantern holder column in the Great Hall, then to a very delicate slab of slate in the Abbey wall. The slate led them up to the top of the bell tower. A small piece of lilac-scented, green homespun fabric with the word HITTAGALL stitched on it was all that could be found.

Soon, similar fabric strips began to be discovered in many different areas of the Abbey, some in places where it was obvious that they had not been there but a few hours, instead of for many seasons like the bottle. Mhera was completely puzzled until Cregga was shot by Vallug Bowbeast. A dying Cregga finally told Mhera the reason for the paper and all the fabric strips; to show who was to be the next leader of Redwall.

The small pieces of fabric, which were hidden by Cregga and Hoarg, showed qualities necessary for a ruler, for instance: Patience Is The Thing A Good Abbey Leader Learns (PITTAGALL). Mhera then became the Abbess of Redwall, soon before Deyna returned to his birthplace and became the new Abbey Warrior.


  • Mhera is the only otter to rule the Abbey in the entire Redwall series.

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