Abbot Daucus

Abbot Daucus

Known Predecessor:Abbess Lycian
Known Successor:Abbot Glisam

Abbot Daucus was a male mouse in charge of Redwall Abbey. He was a brisk, energetic mouse in his mid-seasons, and was described as having a scrubby ginger beard.

Daucus seemed to be much more strict and warlike than his predecessors. Influenced by Foremole Burff and Marja Dubbidge, he made the rare decision to exile Orkwil Prink for thievery, warning him not to attempt to enter Redwall again until his sentence was up. This decision was later rescinded when Orkwil and Gorath the Flame returned with dire news of the Sea Raiders; Daucus, being a fair-minded beast, allowed Orkwil to stay safe in the Abbey while the danger was going on.

Daucus was also a scholar of Badger Lore - he was one of the few non-badger species who knew of the importance of the title Tabura, and greatly honored the Tabura Melutar when he came to the Abbey. When the Sea Raiders and Brownrats teamed up to attack Gorath and a band of Guosim and otters, Daucus and the Tabura conferred together and came up with a plan to save them. While the Tabura rang the bells, calling several Woodlanders to help, Abbot Daucus gathered the Redwallers and made them ready for war. He then headed up the charge on the Sea Raiders and the Brownrats, with a reformed Orkwil Prink at his side.


  • Abbot Daucus and Abbot Carrul were the only Abbots known to actively engage in battle during their term of leadership.
  • Daucus is a genus of herbaceous plants in the family of Apiaceae.