Abbot Humble


Known Predecessor:Abbess Furtila
Known Successor:Abbess Lycian
Appears:Rakkety Tam
Voice(s): Gordon Hall

Humble was a male hedgehog Abbot of Redwall Abbey, during the Seasons of the Savage. Prior to being Abbot, he was a Cellarhog, and extremely knowledgeable on many cordials and ales. He was a cousin of Hitheryon Jem.

Two seasons after the death of Abbess Furtila, he was appointed Abbot by a Council of Elders. It took much persuasion to convince Humble to accept the role, and even then only under conditions - he refused to come live upstairs, choosing instead to sleep in the cellars as he had always done. He also refused to abandon his barrels of various brews, and checked them every morning upon waking.

He also trained Burlop, the Cellarhog after him and assisted him in his duties. He considered Burlop to be the son he never had.


  • Humble and Phredd were the only known male hedgehogs to become Abbots of Redwall.

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