Abbot Phredd


Known Predecessor:Abbot Apodemus
Known Successor:Abbot Carrul

Phredd was an ancient male hedgehog who was Abbot of Redwall Abbey for a great length of time. He took an active interest in the search for the location of Loamhedge Abbey, and discovered records written by Tim Churchmouse detailing the capture of himself and other young ones from Redwall and their journey under Slagar the Cruel. Succumbing to old age, he passed the position of Abbot to Carrul, and retired to become the Gatekeeper. After Carrul abdicated leadership to Fenna, Phredd and Carrul shared the position of Gatekeeper until Phredd passed away.

He wore eyeglasses and enjoyed being old. He was also extremely eccentric, having lengthy conversations with inanimate objects.


  • Phredd and Humble were the only known male hedgehogs to become Abbots of Redwall.

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