Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Killed by Ranguvar Foeseeker or drowned
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Akkla was the ferret steersbeast of the Goreleech. The Sea Rogue also acted as the captain's second in command, summoning beasts to him and answering some of his questions. He was a cruel beast, taking delight in the killing of innocents. Vilu Daskar (the captain) also seemed less harsh with Akkla, and Akkla seemed less afraid of the captain.

Along with Parug and Bullflay, he was one of the vermin most frequently consulted by the captain. The sessions usually ended with Daskar leaving, angry at his underling's stupidity. However, Akkla was rarely punished. During the last night of the Goreleech's cruise, Akkla rallied the vermin to Daskar. Ranguvar Foeseeker tore into the vermin with two swords, and the ship sank shortly later. It is unknown if he died at the hands of Ranguvar or the sea.