Al Misurata

Known Year(s):1650-1703
Place of Origin:Misurata, Libya
Appears in:Voyage of Slaves

Al Misurata was a Libyan slaver, and the most notorious pirate of the Barbary Coast. His real name is unknown; he took his title from living in the Misurata region of Libya for three decades (possibly 1673-1703). Being 53 years, old, it can be ascertained that he was born in 1650, his mother being a Moroccan servant girl and his father a Turkish janissary.

After starting out as a simple pirate in his youth, he climbed the ladder up to infamy. He was described as physically handsome: dark eyes and a hooked nose. He wore purple silks and carried a Toledo steel sword. Misurata was incredibly wealthy, as well as intellectually clever.

Al Misurata was owner of the Sea Djinn, a very large slaving ship. One of his main associates was Count Dreskar.

One of his slavers captured Ben, whom he released to the Travelling Rizzoli Troupe. He later attempted to sell the Rizzoli Troupe to Dreskar.


The following consists of Al Misurata's minions.

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