Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Natural defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: Doomwyte

Aluco was an owl who lived in the tunnels beyond the Redwall Abbey cellars. He was once captured by the Painted Ones and held by them for five seasons. Their chief, Chigid, pulled out his pinion feathers so he could never fly again.

While living in the tunnels, he ate Painted Ones. He also discovered one of the Doomwyte jewels and used its eerie green lights to pretend to be the adder Baliss, to frighten off the Painted Ones.

He was found by Redwall residents who were searching for the Doomwyte jewels; Aluco then relocated to inside the Abbey.

While living at Redwall, he was made guardian of the jewels. Tugga Bruster knocked him out, attempting to steal the Doomwyte jewels and frame Nokko, who had embarrassed Tugga. Aluco was given back the Doomwyte jewel which he had given to the Abbey.


  • Aluco's name is derived from the scientific name for the tawny owl, Strix aluco.

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