Place of Origin:Juskarath clan
Weapon: Sling and spear
Death: Killed by Ruggan Bor
Appears: Taggerung

Antigra was an arrogant and rather foolish stoat of the Juskarath clan who believed her son Zann was the Taggerung. When her chieftain Sawney Rath and his seer Grissoul told her this could not be, her mate Gruven challenged Sawney to battle. Sawney immediately slew Gruven, and forced Antigra to rename her baby after its dead father. From then on, Antigra had a deep burning hatred for Sawney and his "pet otter" Tagg.

Many seasons later, Antigra was up a tree hunting doves when Sawney Rath ran by her hiding place, chasing a fleeing Tagg; seizing the opportunity, she slew the Juskarath leader with a slingstone. Conspiring with Grissoul, she had her son Gruven Zann made the leader of the renamed Juskazann tribe, and sent him to find and slay Tagg so that he could become the next Taggerung. In Gruven's absence, the Juskazann were taken over by the Juskabor, led by the golden fox Ruggan Bor; Antigra conspired against him, but was found out and slain for her treachery.

Unlike most vermin parents, despite her tendency to chide and chasten her son, Antigra seemed to care for him. However, this may have only been because of her fanatical desire to have a son bear the title of Taggerung, and not from any actual love.