Anton Lomaev


Loamhedge cover by Lomaev

Anton Lomaev, or Антон Ломаев or Антона Ломаева is a Russian illustrator for the Redwall series. He has drawn multiple covers for Russian versions of the books.

  • Born: 1971, Vitebsk, Belorussia
  • Education: National Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg; MFA Illustration 1998


Lomaev illustrated the following Redwall covers:

Eulalia!, High Rhulain, Rakkety Tam, Loamhedge, Triss, Taggerung, Lord Brocktree, The Legend of Luke, Marlfox, The Long Patrol, Pearls of Lutra, Outcast of Redwall, The Bellmaker, Martin the Warrior, Salamandastron, Mariel of Redwall, Mattimeo, Mossflower, Redwall

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