Antre de Loubia


Lead Administrator:Torn
Cessation: 2015
Main Language:French
Type of Site:Encyclopedia/Forum
Most Recent URL

L'Antre de Loubia (translated more or less literally to "the Holt of Lutra") was the largest francophone online community site dealing with Redwall. Its first known appearance online occurred in 2002.

The site contained an encyclopedia and a forum with a modest level of activity. In late 2005 it was brought down by a Turkish hacker, and was remade entirely by January 16, 2006. The administrator went by the pseudonym Torn.

As of 2014, the domain was active, but no content loaded. As of 2015, the site is officially nonexistent, and the URL redirects to a lyrics website.


The L'Antre de Loubia forum was actually located at a different URL, and could be found at It was the largest French Redwall forum online, with a decent rate of posts per week. Though the French and English speaking communities have stayed more or less isolated from each other, at least two members of l'Antre de Loubia (Hisk and Tesra) made appearances on English language ROC forums in the past.

As of 2012, the forums are no longer online.

Rougemuraille Wiki

In April 2007, Torn founded the Redwall Wiki's sister site, the Rougemuraille Wiki. It has been seemingly vacant since 2011.

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