Distinguishing Features:Half of a ship stuck between two of the Tall Rocks
Destruction:Already half-destroyed, but unknown
Appears in:The Legend of Luke

Arfship was the front half of the Goreleech which crashed into the Tall Rocks and was stuck there due to the huge, red, rusted spike on the front being driven deep into the rocks by the crashing waves. The only known survivors of the Goreleech shipwreck were Dulam, Denno, Beau, and Vurg.

The four friends lived in the ship for years until Martin the Warrior, Gonff the Mousethief, Young Dinny, and Trimp found them and brought them to Redwall Abbey.

Note: Arfship's name is a derivation of Half Ship which was the original name chosen by Beau. However the other creatures pronounced it Arfship.

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