Known Year(s):1628
Place of Origin:Pyrenees mountains
Appears in:The Angel's Command

Arnela was a large female goatherder originally from Andorra. She grew up not knowing her parents, often sleeping in stables with animals. Arnela was mocked from a young age because of her size, she was a very large, broad woman. She worked at a tavern, where after enduring continuous insults she purposefully spilled food and drink on a customer, who soonafter engaged her in fighting. Arnela was imprisoned, but broke out and escaped to the Pyrenees mountains where she officially started herding goats.

Arnela assisted Ben, Ned, Karay, and Dominic in defeating the Razan, causing the fatal snow avalanche which buried them all with gun fire. Arnela also helped in finding Adamo Bregon and removing him from his bear suit.

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