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Arven, also known as Misha, was a prominent member of the Redwall Online Community, having founded and participated in many websites.


In the summer of 1998, Arven discovered and Sampetra (INSU), and joined under the handle "Bladeclaw Pincerpaw". After rising to the rank of "Commodore of the Bladewake", Arven conceptualized the idea for Dibbuns Against Bedtime with a friend, and in February 1999 launched the site.

The site became more popular than he could imagine, and in May 2000 Arven was forced to step down from his leadership position. After a few failed ROC projects, Arven joined Terrouge Productions in June 2001 as a reporter under the new handle "Misha", and wrote several feature articles.

During the summer of 2003, Arven linked up with Kenny C., Retto, Sean Rubin, Nick Milne, and James Lawlor to found the Vulpine Imperium. He served as "Minister of Commerce" for the VI until he posted that he was resigning from the ROC on Terrouge's forums in July 2005.

In November 2007, Arven re-appeared at the Terrouge forums to promote the presidential campaign of candidate Ron Paul.

Real Life

Arven is from New Hampshire, and studied architecture.

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