Place of Origin:Marlfox Island
Weapon: Axe
Death: Killed by an arrow fired by Ellayo Swifteye and Lady Cregga Rose Eyes
Appears: Marlfox

Ascrod was a Marlfox, one of the sons of Queen Silth. He was also the brother of Mokkan, Ziral, Gelltor, Lantur, Vannan, and Predak. Like all Marlfoxes, he was pale-eyed, had grey fur mottled with black and dark blue, wore a drab brown and green cloak, for camouflage, and used an axe for a weapon. He and his siblings were sent to Mossflower Woods to acquire things of beauty for their mother. He was also a bit afraid of heights.

Ascrod was often paired with Vannan, and it was so when they came across Janglur Swifteye and his family. The duo attacked the squirrels, but were fought off, Vannan being knocked unconscious, and Ascrod being defeated by Janglur.

While his siblings were fighting after kidnapping Dwopple, Ascrod sneaked into Redwall Abbey along with Vannan, Dakkle, and Beelu. When they were discovered, Ascrod was able to grab Nutwing and use him as a shield. He slew Nutwing, they knocked over the guards (Dann, Song, and Dippler) and were able to steal the tapestry of Martin the Warrior before making a quick exit. After the battle, Ascrod wanted to cut their losses and go home with the tapestry, but was overruled.

After many attempts to get in the Abbey, Ascrod was finally able to find a way to unlock the main gates. Before a battle could start, however, Ascrod was killed by Lady Cregga Rose Eyes. She used a longbow, while Ellayo Swifteye aimed for her. The arrow was fired with such force, it went straight through the unlucky Marlfox.

Ascrod was the fourth of the Marlfoxes to die.