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Asio Bardwing

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Asio Bardwing


Species:Tawny Owl
Place of Origin:Western Shores
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Poisoned by adder venom
Appears: Eulalia!

Asio Bardwing was a tawny owl that traveled with Mad Maudie Mugsberry Thropple. He thought that Maudie was a magical beast, but seemed to suffer from short-term memory loss. He played an instrument called an owlharp, though not too well. Asio was good friends with Bungwen the mole and Log-a-Log Luglug. He had an Auntie Cordoolia and an Uncle Wilfrum. He spoke in an archaic manner with a Highland accent.

Although not too bright, Asio was very courageous, to the point of being perilous, when he sacrificed his own life to save a shrewbabe from an adder. After he was bitten, he was under the impression that his assailant was a grass snake or a slow worm and soon died from the venom. The shrew he saved had his name changed by his mother to Asio, after his brave rescuer.


  • Asio is the genus of eared owls.

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