Asio Bardwing


Species:Tawny Owl
Place of Origin:Western Shores
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Mutual kill with a venemous snake
Appears: Eulalia!

Asio Bardwing was a tawny owl that traveled with Mad Maudie Mugsberry Thropple. He was stubborn and not very intelligent, and once he had an idea in his head it was almost impossible to shake him. He also did not have the best hygiene, leaving remnants of his previous meals on his talons. He had an Auntie Cordoolia and an Uncle Wilfrum. He spoke in an archaic manner with a Highland accent.

Asio seemed to suffer from short term memory loss, often forgetting he had told others things. This eventually led him to believe that Maudie was a magic beast who could read minds. He played an instrument called an owlharp, to entertain her, though not too well. Asio was good friends with Bungwen and Log-a-Log Luglug - he helped Maudie find the latter's encampment when she was searching for it.

Although not too bright, Asio was a dangerous fighter and very courageous, to the point of being perilous. He sacrificed his own life to save a shrewbabe from an adder, though he was convinced the snake was a harmless slowworm. The adder struck him several times, and he died from the poison, still arguing with Maudie and Luglug that the snake was not an adder until the last. The shrew he saved had his name changed by his mother to Asio, after his brave rescuer.


  • Asio is the genus of eared owls.