Askor Rus
Askor's last minutes

Place of Origin:Land of Ice and Snow
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Back broken by a fallen tree
Appears: Rakkety Tam

Askor was the wolverine brother to Gulo the Savage and the son of Dramz. When Gulo went to murder Dramz, who advised he and his brother share the power and the throne, Askor stole the Walking Stone and left the Land of Ice and Snow in a small boat.

Askor managed to make it to Mossflower Woods ahead of his pursuers. There, Askor hid the Walking Stone shortly before he died. The exact cause of his death was quite strange. A giant tree had fallen on him during a very large thunderstorm and pinned him, also breaking his back. Wandering Walt and Hitheryon Jem found Askor as he lay dying, and the proud wolverine wouldn't accept help from any creature, but instead advised them to eat him before he went bad. The pair were shocked at the suggestion and refused. The last words of the wolverine were a riddle, in which the location of the Walking Stone was detailed.

The two beasts that saw him lie there and die could do nothing for his back or even attempt to move the huge tree on his back. Amazingly, however, Askor gathered his last strength to push himself up and lift the tree. It wasn't enough to free him however, and he died right after the tremendous feat. Still, the pair could not lift the tree, so they covered him in leaf loam.

It was later mentioned by an old fox that Askor treated those under his power better than Gulo, and that it was less harsh serving under him.