Note: This article is about the TV episode. If you're looking for the character, see Asmodeus Poisonteeth.

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
April 16, 2001
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Toby Roberts
Directed by
Raymond Jafelice


Official Synopsis

Matthias sets off to find Asmodeus and recapture Martin's sword. Helped by the shrews of Mossflower he finally meets his foe in the deep caverns where he guards the Warrior's sword-- the object of Matthias' quest. In a terrible battle Matthias kills Asmodeus. At last the serpent is dead and the sword is his. Now he can truly be the protector of Redwall. But news of Cluny's assault reaches him and he realizes he is trapped deep underground.

Differences from Redwall

  • In the book, none of the other shrews go into the tunnel.
  • Mingo was only mentioned in the book, but had a larger role in the episode.


Segments include:

  • "Redwall Music"
  • "Medieval Instruments"
  • "Character Spotlight: Guosim"
  • "Ask the Author: Brian Jacques"
Redwall TV Featurette Asmodeus03:50

Redwall TV Featurette Asmodeus

The Redwall TV Series, Season 1

01 Cluny the Scourge - part I | 02 Cluny the Scourge - part II | 03 Treachery | 04 Sparra's Kingdom | 05 Cluny's Clowns | 06 High Standards | 07 Captain Snow (Redwall Season 1) | 08 Battle Plans | 09 The Visitor | 10 A Favour Returned | 11 Asmodeus (Redwall Season 1) | 12 Underground | 13 The Final Conflict

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