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Place of Origin:Noonvale
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Aubretia was a female mouse and resident of Noonvale. She was also a descendant of Brome, Urran, and Aryah Voh, as well as an indirect descendant of Rose.

She was a healer, and the traveling companion of Bultip. She arrived at Redwall Abbey during the time of Abbot Saxtus and told the story of Martin the Warrior to the residents of the Abbey.

Aubretia carried a locket containing a picture of Martin and Rose. As a gift to the Abbey residents, she brought the red rose planted on Laterose's grave, which was called the Laterose because it blooms later than others. Aubretia was said to bear a striking resemblance to Rose, the sister of her ancestor.

TV Series

In the TV series, she was absent and it was Tim Churchmouse who told the story of Martin the Warrior.

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