Autumn of the Homecomers is the Season when Mara came to Redwall and Samkim and Arula returned home to the Abbey. This season came at the end of Salamandastron and Abbess Vale put off naming the season until the adventurers return, much to the frustration of the Dibbuns. Once officially announced however, it was a wonderful and memorable event.

This feast marked the first time in many seasons where the Abbey was blessed with a badger mother and one of the first times it hosted a royal golden eagle, four falcons, headed by Laird Mactalon, and the Guerilla Union of South Stream Shrews of Mossflower. For this special occasion, five center piece creations and an extraordinary wide variety of the finest concoctions from the Abbey had been prepared.


The Autumn of the Homecomers occurred in Salamandastron.

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