Badrag TV series
Badrag from the Redwall TV Series

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Spear and Cane
Death: Killed by Painted Ones
Appears: Mattimeo
TV Series: Season 2

Badrag was a male stoat slaver in Slagar the Cruel's gang. He was often in charge of getting the slaves moving and used a cane to hit them. Badrag and fellow stoat Browntooth were relatively stupid and lazy and were almost tricked by Sam and Auma into letting their guards down. He was killed along with Browntooth by the Painted Ones after Browntooth got their attention.


  • In the Redwall TV Series, Badrag was not killed by the Painted Ones and is later shown crossing a bridge across a ravine along with Slagar, the other slavers and the slaves.

Not to be confused with Badrang the Tyrant.