Badrang the Tyrant


Place of Origin:Unknown, possibly Northwestern oceans
Weapon: The Sword of Martin, spear, bone-handled dagger
Death: Killed by Martin the Warrior in a duel
Appears: Martin the Warrior
Voice(s): Diego Matamoros
TV Series: Season 3

Badrang the Tyrant was a stoat warlord who dreamed of building an empire, commanding it from his fortress Marshank. He was once a common corsair, sailing with his cohort, Tramun Clogg. The two stoats parted on violent terms, and Badrang scuppered his ship on the Western Coast north of the caves of Luke the Warrior's tribe. Backed by an army of vermin, Badrang started enslaving young creatures, including Martin the Warrior and his grandmother. Upon Martin's capture, Badrang stole his sword. Having acquired many slaves, Badrang's horde trekked to the Eastern Coast, where he set them to work on building his fortress.

Many seasons later, Martin assaulted one of Badrang's captains, Hisk. Badrang ordered Martin's execution, and he was hung up on a pole for the seabirds to eat alive. Later, Clogg returned to find Badrang and demand his share of Badrang's wealth. Badrang refused, and, eventually, he burned Clogg's ship. He and Clogg declared war on one another, resulting in an uneasy truce.


Badrang, from the Redwall TV Series

Having won a small victory over Clogg, Badrang continued to work the slaves on the construction of Marshank. However, due to the heroics of Brome, the slaves escaped and started to attack Marshank. Things remained at a stalemate until one squirrel, Felldoh, challenged Badrang to fight him directly. Badrang accepted, but when he started to lose, he ordered his horde to overrun Felldoh and slay him. Injured, Badrang retreated back into Marshank as the escaped slaves, now termed the Fur and Freedom Fighters, attacked the fortress. Badrang easily held them back, despite being injured until Martin returned with a massive army and overran Marshank. Badrang, realizing all was lost, tried to escape, but his way was blocked by Grumm Trencher. After knocking Grumm out of the way, Laterose of Noonvale jumped on Badrang and attacked him with her sling.

Badrang proceeded to throw her against a wall, killing her instantly. However, he had delayed too long, and Martin caught up with him. They dueled, and eventually, the two grappled over the sword until Martin finally managed to push the blade into Badrang's heart, ending the tyrant's reign.


  • Badrang is the only major villain to have the Sword of Martin as a primary weapon, not just on one occasion.

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