Badredd/Little Redd


Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Cutlass (later broken in two by the Abbey gate)
Death: Unknown
Appears: Loamhedge

Badredd (aka Little Redd) was the youngest member of a vermin band led by the weasel Burrad, and was subsequently the most popular target for the other vermin's jokes, a fact that the fox resented. When Burrad was accidentally killed by Skrodd the fox, Skrodd became the new Chieftain. Worried that there might be some backlash against his leadership, Skrodd asked Little Redd to watch his back (Skrodd told him that "we foxes should stick together"). One night, Redd, who was supposed to be keeping watch, fell asleep. As a result, Skrodd was killed by Dargle, but he managed to finish Dargle off with a final, spasmodic slash with his cutlass. Redd was the first to discover the scene and immediately took advantage of it, cutting Dargle's head off and claiming the Chieftain's cutlass for himself.

Feeding the other vermin a pack of lies about avenging Skrodd's death, Redd assumed the chieftainship and changed his name to the more menacing Badredd, a name suggested to him by Skrodd. At first, the other vermin did not respect the fox the way they had Burrad or Skrodd, with the weasel Slipback even making a disparaging remark about his height. Badredd chopped off the weasel's tail for this insult, gaining at least marginal respect and fear from the other vermin. With this came hate, however, especially on the part of Slipback and the crafty, manipulative stoat Flinky, who attempted to assassinate him (and nearly succeeded, were it not for Plumnose).

Filled with ambitious dreams of conquest, riches and plunder, Badredd decided to follow a legend he had heard about a magic sword at a massive redstone abbey. He led his quite unwilling band to Redwall Abbey and laid siege to it with surprising success, gaining access to the grounds by sneaking in through a wallgate and imprisoning the Redwallers within the Abbey building itself. Badredd unwittingly doomed his cause, however, by sending Flinky and Crinktail out to find reinforcements. The two stoats were captured by Raga Bol and forced to reveal the existence of the Abbey and Badredd's siege thereof. Bol marched to Redwall, humiliated Badredd and his gang, forced them to do menial chores and stripped the fox leader of what little dignity he had left. Only through Flinky's deception of their guard Blowfly was the gang able to escape.

Completely disillusioned in the eyes of the gangmembers, Badredd no longer made claims to the Chieftainship, with the others looking up to Flinky as their leader. The gang disappeared southwards, out of Mossflower Woods for good, and none of them were heard from again.


  • Badredd, along with Tramun Clogg and Ruggan Bor, is one of the few major villains not to die.
  • While practicing an intimidating and threatening speech for the Abbeydwellers, Badredd mentions that his father was named Reddblade. It is never confirmed whether this is true, or merely bragging on Badredd's part.