Place of Origin:Isle of Irgash
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Slain by Uggo Wiltud with the Sword of Martin
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Badtooth was a fat, peg-legged weasel in the crew of Razzid Wearat; he was also the uncle of Twangee, and the head cook on board the Greenshroud. He was one of Razzid's spies, keeping his eyes open for mutiny. He was the only member of the crew who followed Razzid when he attempted to break into the main building of Redwall Abbey; Razzid forced Badtooth in front of him as they barged through the kitchen window, and Badtooth was slain by Uggo Wiltud, who was waiting on the other side with the Sword of Martin.

Not to be confused with Badtooth.

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