Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Double-Headed Battle Axe
Death: Killed by Adders in the Quarry
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

Balefur was a big dogfox who had been "loosely attached" to the fox band of Shang Damsontongue residing in the Gorge. He was a loner, tough, independent, and fearless, answering to nobody but himself.

On the march southwest from the Gorge, Balefur armed himself with a large double-headed battleaxe, and he apparently knew how to use it and was quite skilled. He is also presumably from the Northlands, if that is to be concluded from his speech, and he doesn't object when Swartt Sixclaw says the same.

Balefur would usually stand up to Swartt and gained much respect from many in the horde. Swartt was afraid that Balefur would eventually take over his horde and requested help from the vixen Nightshade. Nightshade fooled Balefur into thinking that she was against Swartt and told him of a quarry where treasure was buried, but didn't tell him of the adders that lived there, who slew him.