Banya Streamdog

Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Banya Streamdog was a female otter of the outlaw otterclans on Green Isle, and the sister of Runka Streamdog. She was lithe and noted for her superb aquatic skills. The otter helped Leatho Shellhound to free Whulky and Chab and their families from underneath the pier. After the otterclans arrived at their safe refuge, Holt Summerdell, Banya, Birl Gully and Lorgo Galedeep investigated the expanse of the cavern. After that, she volunteered to accompany Leatho and Kolun Galedeep on the mission to free the remaining otter slaves from the warlord Riggu Felis' fortress.

Upon their journey there, it was Banya who alerted the other two that they were being tracked by scorecat Fleng and eight other guards. After Leatho was captured by Riggu Felis, Banya returned to the clans with Memsy and alerted and raised the clans into action against the wildcats. When Runka was slain by Yund, she swore revenge. Unfortunately, Yund was slain by Riggu Felis before she had the chance to slay him.

Being practical in nature, she was responsible for some of the otterclan's initial tactics and attacks, as well as refuting some of the others' flawed ideas. When the otterclans united with Tiria Wildlough -- the High Rhulain -- and the Long Patrol, Banya became a member of the Council of War, along with Cuthbert, O'Cragg, Raphael Granden, Kolun, Lorgo and Tiria. She was in charge of the raft that bore Tiria into the middle of the lake during the battle -- and the subsequent victory -- against Riggu Felis and his feral cat army. She was mildly wounded in the final battle against Pitru, when a falling rock struck a large gash above one of her eyes. At the end of the novel, Banya became a close companion to Tiria.