The Bark Crew was a group of otters and hares from Salamandastron and Brogalaw's holt who killed many of Ungatt Trunn's horde scavengers and cut off the food supplies of the already starving Horde. They got their name from the barkcloth cloaks and woven reed masks they wore and the whips they carried. The Bark Crew took heavy losses when Ungatt Trunn's soldiers ambushed them and killed many, including many of the escaped hares from Salamandastron and their otter allies. They were saved when Brocktree's army arrived and killed most of the ambush party. However, it is known that they had been doing a good job, as all of the soldiers in the horde were described as emaciated.

Known Members

Seafaring Bark Crew

In addition to the raiding parties on land, a contingent of otters formed a seafaring branch of the Bark Crew. They stole fish from Trunn's ships and generally caused havoc among them such as entangling the anchors. They were often berated by Frutch for bringing back an abundance of shrimp.


The Bark Crew appears in Lord Brocktree.

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