Place of Origin:Sampetra
Weapon: Sabre
Death: Betrayed and killed by Rasconza
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Barranca was a male stoat captain of the island Sampetra, under the reign of Ublaz Mad Eyes. He captained the ship Freebooter and was the brother of Conva. He was a very popular captain on the island and ended up leading a rebellion against Ublaz after his brother was murdered by the pine marten. Barranca wore bright red silks, a headband and a black, garnet-studded belt, and his weapon of choice was a sabre. One of the select few vermin with the temerity and confidence to lead from the front, the corsair stoat was a skilled swordsbeast, wielding his blade to deadly effect. His swashbuckling and reckless disposition is epitomized in his derisive statement to Sagitar Sawfang after his capture by a horde of trident rats: "Ye lily-livered cur, you should have been within reach o' my blade, instead of leading your army from behind!".

He was killed by the fox Rasconza in the battle at Sampetra's east cove, who took over the revolt against Ublaz. After Barranca was saved by Rasconza at the east cove battle, he opened his arms in a grateful embrace, but the fox grabbed him and stabbed him as some Trident Rats were attacking, so it appeared as if Barranca was slain by the rats.


  • Aptly enough, the word barranca, in Spanish, means "obstacle".