Battle at Sampetra's East Cove

Location Sampetra's East Cove
Result Rebel victory
Barranca, Rasconza Sagitar Sawfang
Faction Corsair Insurgents Faction Trident Rats
Strength A dozen (a hundred after reinforcements arrived) Strength Several Dozen
Casualties Barranca and all of his defenders Casualties Moderate
Species Stoats, Ferrets, Rats, Weasels, One Fox Species Rats
Appears in Pearls of Lutra


The Battle at Sampetra's East Cove was between the Trident Rats led by Sagitar Sawfang, and the corsair rebels led by Barranca. When the stoat Captain Barranca was sailing into the cove, the Trident Rats blocked them in. Barranca and the other captains made a brave last stand, but all of the captains were killed except Barranca. The battle looked lost for the rebels but this changed when Rasconza the fox and his vermin came charging down the hill. The Trident Rats took flight and Barranca's life was saved, but only for a few minutes. Soon after, Rasconza slew Barranca and appointed himself leader of the rebels.

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