Battle between Clogg and Badrang

Location Fort Marshank
Result Truce declared
Cap'n Tramun Clogg Badrang the Tyrant
Faction Clogg's Corsairs Faction Badrang's Army
Strength around 150 (est.) Strength Badrang's Army, size unknown, around 400 (est.)
Casualties Moderate Casualties Moderate
Species Mostly searats, with other corsair species Species Weasels, Ferrets, Rats, Foxes
Appears in Martin the Warrior


This battle took place at night in and around Fort Marshank. The two combating armies were the horde of Badrang the Tyrant, and the crew of the Seascarab, captained by Tramun Josiah Cuttlefish Clogg. Both armies seemed equally matched. There are no hard-set numbers for either horde, but Clogg's horde arrived in four large longboats, meaning his army couldn't have been much more than 150.

After killing a guard, Stiffear, the alarm was raised by the other guard, Lumpback, and the corsairs discovered. At first, arrows flew thick and fast on both sides. Some of Clogg's crew used the largest longboat (with a metal-plated hull) as a battering ram, but as Badrang had shored up the gates, the attempt was futile.

Meanwhile, one of Badrang's captains, the fox Skalrag, had taken ten archers around the point. Their task was to burn down Clogg's ship, the Seascarab, which they managed to do. They also scuttled the longboats, leaving the corsairs stuck on the shore. Clogg managed to capture the fox, however.

The battle ended the next morning with a treaty between the two stoats, declaring that Clogg could have half of Badrang's slaves if Badrang could keep half of Clogg's crew hostage. Then, if Clogg captured slaves of his own, the loaned slaves would be returned to Badrang and the hostages set free.

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