Battle in the Abyss

Location The Lord of Mossflower, on top of The Abyss
Result Possibly Mutual Destruction
Bragoon, Sarobando Kharanjul
Faction Redwall Questors Faction Kharanjul's Horde
Strength 5 Strength around 300
Casualties Bragoon, Sarobando Casualties Wiped out
Species A hare, a mouse, squirrels, an otter Species Weasels, Ferrets, Rats
Appears in Loamhedge
This battle took place on the bridge spanning across the great abyss. This bridge was made out of a tree trunk. The two combatants were the horde of the Wearet Kharanjul, numbering about 300, and the small band of Redwallers that had been sent out to discover Loamhedge Abbey and the secret of Sister Amyl.


While trying to cross the bridge across the Abyss, Hortwill Longblade Braebuck, Sarobando, Bragoon, Fenna and Springald were surrounded by Kharanjul and his hordes. Kharanjul himself and the majority of his horde came up from behind, while his Captain of the Guard, a tall weasel, approached from the front with a score of vermin.

Bragoon began the battle by immediately slaying said Captain of the Guard, and the five travelers managed to break through the twenty vermin that blocked the way to the front. Bragoon and Saro decided that they would hold off the vermin while Horty, Fenna and Springald escaped. Fenna and Springald agreed readily enough, though Horty only went after an argument.

Bragoon and Saro, though mortally wounded, managed to keep up the fight until Kharanjul himself took the field. Then they retreated to the end of the bridge and toppled the bridge into the Abyss, taking with it Kharanjul and his remaining hordes. Bragoon and Sarobando, however, were fatally wounded, and died together on the lip of the abyss.

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