Battle of Malkariss

Location Kingdom of Malkariss
Result Redwall Victory
Matthias, Jess Squirrel, Basil Stag Hare, Orlando the Axe, Log-a-Log Slagar the Cruel, Nadaz, Malkariss, Wearet
Faction Redwall Trackers, Slave Rebels, the Guosim Faction Blackrobe Rats, Slagar's Gang
Strength Unknown (small at first but large once the slaves joined in) Strength ~120
Casualties Log-a-Log, unspecified number of slaves Casualties Almost wiped out, barring Slagar and a few surviving rats
Species Mixed woodlanders Species A wearet, Rats, A fox, and a polecat
Appears in Mattimeo


The Battle of Malkariss occurred in the underground kingdom of Malkariss. The Blackrobe Rats of Nadaz was fighting against the small band led by Matthias. This battle is split up into three parts.

In the first section of the battle, the small group of adults who were trying to free their children. This included Matthias, Jess Squirrel, Basil Stag Hare, Jabez Stump, Orlando the Axe and Cheek the young otter. Though they fought valiantly (particularly Basil and Cheek who were said to have fought a furious rear guard action), the numbers of the Host began to beat them down.

Log-a-Log had taken an arrow in the neck. A group of Guosim shrews carried Log-a-Log to safety. Log-a-Log spoke his last words, appointing Flugg, a loyal shrew, the new Log-a-Log. Flugg then led the shrews at the blackrobes shouting the traditional Log-a-Log battle cry, Logalogalogalog!

The second part of the battle consisted of the single combat between the Wearet and Matthias. The two seemed equally matched in skill, but the Wearet's size and never-flagging energy finally was too much for Matthias. He toppled over a cliff. Orlando then slew the Wearet while in the Bloodwrath.

In the third part of the battle, the Host, seeing their champion defeated, attacked anew. Meanwhile, Matthias (who survived the fall) had seen Malkariss the polecat killed by his own workers and rallied the slaves (including Elmtail the squirrel) and returned to the attack. Hearing his son's voice, Matthias suffered Bloodwrath and fought aggressively to get to him. Also, Mattimeo, Tim Churchmouse, Tess Churchmouse, Sam Squirrel, Cynthia Bankvole, Jubilation (Jube) Stump and Auma escaped and joined the fight. This time, the Host was driven back and slaughtered. Nadaz hid in the white statue of Malkariss, but Orlando and Matthias brought it crumbling and he was crushed.

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