Battle of Salamandastron

Location Salamandastron
Result Salamandastron victory
Lady Cregga Rose Eyes Gormad Tunn
Faction Long Patrol Faction Rapscallions
Strength > 1,000 Strength > 1,000
Casualties Minimal Casualties Severe
Species Hares, Badger Species Rats, Weasels, Foxes, Stoats, Ferrets
Appears in The Long Patrol


Taking place near the mountain of Salamandastron, this battle was between Lady Cregga Rose Eyes and her Long Patrol, and the Firstblade Gormad Tunn and his Rapscallions. The vermin horde was soundly defeated, and Gormad mortally wounded (he died not long after). After Gormad's death, his son and successor Damug Warfang had a mortal fear of both Cregga and the mountain, and refused to consider attacking it again.

The Rapscallions would eventually be annihilated at the Battle of the Ridge of a Thousand.

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