Battle of Sampetra

Map of where battle took place

Location Sampetra, Western Sea
Result Redwaller Victory, Surving corsairs stranded on island
Grath Longfletch, Martin II, Inbar Trueflight, Hawm Ublaz Mad Eyes, Rasconza, Zurgat, Sagitar Sawfang
Faction Redwallers, Holt Rudderwake Faction Ublaz's Corsairs, Rasconza's Corsairs, Zurgat's Monitor Lizards, Sagitar Sawfang's Trident Rats
Strength ~150 Strength ~400
Casualties 0 Casualties Unknown
Species *Mouse
  • Otter
  • Shrew
  • Hare
  • Seal || Species || *Rat
  • Fox
  • Stoat
  • Monitor Lizard
  • Weasel
  • Ferret
  • Marten
Appears in Pearls of Lutra
Mentioned: None


The Battle of Sampetra took place in Pearls of Lutra. It had 3 sides. It first officially started after Battle at Sampetra's East Cove, where the captains of rebelling crews, led by Barranca, were defeated by Ublaz's trident rats, who were in turn forced to retreat by Rasconza and his forces. Rasconza then took over the crews of corsairs, telling them it was the trident rats who slew their captains, when it was actually he who killed Barranca. Ublaz and Rasconza made agreements for 'peace,' while each of them actually planned to betray the other, much similar to the end of the Battle between Clogg and Badrang. Eventually, the two leaders began to openly resist each other. Each battle following this was at a stalemate, until Rasconza was able to trap the pine marten in his fortress. Rasconza's crews burned Ublaz's timber stock, and Rasconza seemed to be on the verge of winning. However, Sagitar Sawfang, who had betrayed Ublaz during one of the fights, killed Rasconza but was also killed herself. Abbot Durral arrived at the island on the Waveworm, and he was captured by Ublaz. Since Ublaz saw his monitor general dead, he assigned a lizard named Zurgat as the new one. Soon, Martin II, Grath Longfletch, Inbar Trueflight, Viola Bankvole, Welko, Plogg, and Clecky arrived at Sampetra. They began burning the fleet, driving the corsairs away from the palace. The group of goodbeasts launched an attack on Ublaz's remaining forces. Feeling defeated, Ublaz went to his snake chamber. There, he engaged in a single combat with Martin II, and lost, for he stepped on the sleeping snake and was bitten. The battle was won by the abbeybeasts, who returned with no losses and the abbot, and the remaining corsairs were stranded.

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The Battle of Sampetra appears in Pearls of Lutra.


  • This is the only battle in all of Redwall history to have had three sides taking part.

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