Battle of Southsward


Location Castle Floret, Southsward
Result Southsward victory
Gael Squirrelking, Bowly Pintips, Joseph the Bellmaker, Finnbarr Galedeep, Meldrum Fallowthorn the Magnificent, Blerun Downriver, Iris Streambattle Urgan Nagru, Silvamord
Faction Southsward Loyalists Faction Nagru's Horde
Strength ~ 3-400 Strength ~ 500
Casualties Fatch, Finnbarr Galedeep, small number of Southsward loyalist fighters Casualties Majority killed in action, including Silvamord and Urgan Nagru
Species Mice, Shrews, Otters, Moles, Squirrels, Hedgehogs, Hares, A Badger Species Rats, Foxes
Appears in The Bellmaker

The Battle of Southsward was a fight to free the land of Southsward from Urgan Nagru, the Foxwolf. Many creatures were killed, but in the end the heroes were victorious. The following forces fought in the army:

Several groups rushed in at the end of the battle:


The battle began as a distraction to free Mariel, Muta and Rab Streambattle from their holding place in Castle Floret. While Bowly's army would draw the Foxwolf away from the castle, the otter division of the former castle guard will save them. Urgan came after the army, leaving his mate Silvamord and a smaller force behind to hold the castle.

While the guard and Silvamord's forces battled, Bowly's army drew the Foxwolf to a plain preceding a wooded slope. As Urgan's horde came up the hill, the army launched a countercharge to force Urgan back to the valley. The battle quickly became a contest between archers, as the army would not allow the horde up the hill where Urgan's larger numbers would spell defeat.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Pearl Queen had arrived to save Mariel. As the crew landed, they met Blerun's holt through the actions of Figgs. Blerun agreed to help the crew free Southsward from the Foxwolf, and the crew began the last stage of their journey to Southsward.

The larger numbers of Urgan's horde began to show both at the castle and on the plain, and the forces of freedom began to be beaten back. The crew of the Pearl Queen finally arrived at the castle, where the forces of Silvamord were quickly defeated. There was a tearful reunion between Joseph the Bellmaker and his daughter Mariel, and the united forces marched to defeat Urgan.

Meanwhile, the Foxwolf realized that his numbers would triumph if they could fight Bowly's army in close combat. He sent two groups around the battle to come behind Bowly's army and defeat it. However, the groups never arrived because the guard, Bleruns otters and Pearl Queen crew arrived. The two groups of horderats were dispatched, and the army began to triumph.

Large groups of grey rats began putting down their arms and surrendering, while the Foxwolf began to run for the shore escorted by a circle of spear rats. He was stopped by Finnbarr Galedeep, who bested him in combat. However, Bladetail's spear ran Finnbarr through, and he was killed only moments after victory. A monument was built over the site, and a bell made by Joseph rang out the sound of freedom.

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