Battle of the Plateau

Location Plateau
Result Decisive Redwall victory
Osbil, Rorc, Orkwil Prink, Rangval the Rogue, Barbowla, Abbot Daucus, Gorath the Flame Vizka Longtooth, Stringle
Faction Guosim, Redwallers, Woodlanders Faction Sea Raiders and Brownrats
Strength Unknown Strength Unknown
Casualties Minor Casualties All except six Sea Raiders
Species Hedgehogs, Shrews, Otters, Mice, Badgers Species Rats, Stoats, Weasels, Ferrets, One Fox
Appears in Eulalia!


The Battle of the Plateau was the largest battle during the war featured in Eulalia!. The battle began by Gorath the Flame and his companion, Salixa, while resting upon a plateau, being assaulted by Brownrats led by Stringle. Gorath and Salixa were soon joined by Rangval the Rogue and Maudie Mugsberry Thropple, as well as Osbil, Barbowla and a small force of Guosim. They continued their defense of the plateau.

Vizka Longtooth, with the remaining Sea Raiders, soon arrived and joined the assault. However, this was delayed by Stringle's determination to wait for his commander, Gruntan Kurdly, to arrive. While the two leaders were discussing what they should do, Osbil, leader of the Guosim, shot the Brownrat captain from afar with an arrow, leaving Longtooth in full charge of the assault.

Longtooth assigned his Sea Raiders as leaders of groups of Brownrats, who, without their leaders, simply followed whoever was giving the orders. He sent them up in two waves to assault the plateau in full, although he himself did not join the attack, preferring to watch from a safe distance with a force of bodyguards. Led in part by Gorath the Flame, the Redwallers and woodlanders held out on the plateau, although the overwhelming numbers of the Brownrats were beginning to take their toll.

Abbot Daucus and Orkwil Prink, leading a large reinforcement army from Redwall Abbey, arrived on the scene just as the Brownrats were beginning to gain the upper hand. Their numbers and the leaderlessness of the Brownrats tipped the scales, allowing the Redwallers to regain the upper hand and rout the Brownrats. Vizka Longtooth managed to escape with his guards, but was found soon afterwards by Gorath and killed.

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