Battle on Deeplough's Rim

Location The crater rim of Deeplough
Result Otterclan victory
Tiria Wildlough, Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk, Leatho Shellhound Pitru
Faction Otterclans of Green Isle, Long Patrol Faction Catguards
Strength 30 Long Patrol hares, Otterclans (about 100-200) Strength Over 60 Catguards
Casualties Unknown, fairly low, including Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk Casualties All killed
Species Hares, Otters Species Cats
Appears in High Rhulain

This battle took place as the otter clans and the Long Patrol were heading back to Holt Summerdell after the defeat of Riggu Felis.

Pitru and the remaining Catguards managed to evade the battle at the fortress and set up a barricade on the rim of the Deeplough to stop them getting back.

When they encountered this, the hares and otters immediately attacked. At first they were stopped by rock slides, but eventually they made it to the rim, where the battle began in earnest. The battle ended when Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk, under the influence of Bloodwrath, pole-vaulted over the barricade, grabbed Pitru and several Catguards and jumped into the Deeplough, killing them and the Slothunog before dying. The remaining cats were slain.

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