Battle outside Redwall (Marlfox)

Location Just outside of Redwall Abbey, near the southeast wall corner
Result Strategic Marlfox Victory, Tactical Redwall Victory
Janglur Swifteye, Rusvul Reguba Marlfoxes
Faction Redwall Defenders Faction Marlfox Strike Force
Strength Unknown, presumably about 80 (outnumbered by "more than 2 to 1") Strength 200
Casualties 4 Shrews, 3 others Casualties 22 Water Rats, 1 Marlfox
Species Mixed woodlanders, many shrews Species Water rats, a few Marlfoxes
Appears in Marlfox


Having kidnapped the young mouse Dwopple, the Marlfoxes demanded to be given treasure by the creatures of Redwall Abbey, in exchange for Dwopple's life. At first agreeing to the terms, the Redwallers caught the Marlfox horde by surprise, charging out of the Abbey to meet them. The battle itself was turned by Janglur Swifteye's slaying of one of the Marlfox leaders, Ziral.

This victory was offset, however, by two Marlfoxes, Ascrod and Vannan, sneaking into the Abbey. They incapacitated the inexperienced guards (Dannflor Reguba, Songbreeze Swifteye and Dippler) and made off with the famous tapestry of Martin the Warrior. A further blemish on Redwall's victory was the betrayal of Guosim shrew Fenno, and his slaying of the Log-a-Log.

Known Casualties

Good creatures


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