Benjo Tipps

Benjo Tipps

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Eulalia!

Benjo Tipps was the Redwall Abbey Cellar Keeper during the time of Abbot Daucus. Along with the Abbot, Granspike Niblo, Skipper Rorc, Foremole Burff, Fenn Bluepaw, and Marja Dubbidge, Benjo belonged to the Redwall Council of Elders, and assisted in disciplining Orkwil Prink for his various acts of theft. Orwil was found by Benjo hiding in a barrel in his cellars. When the Grumpy Watervole came to Redwall disguised as a sea raider, Benjo knocked him unconscious with his sling.

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