Place of Origin:Terramort
Weapon: Spear, Fire-swinger
Death: Killed by Greypatch
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Bigfang was a burly Terramort searat and a member of Greypatch's crew. Rebellious and sullen, Bigfang disliked Greypatch and often challenged his authority as their ship, the Darkqueen, crossed the sea.

After they landed at Mossflower Woods, Greypatch learned of Redwall Abbey and was determined to occupy it. His first aggressions towards the Abbey resulted in humiliating defeat.

Bigfang seized his chance and announced himself captain, appealing to the crew's low morale. He led them blundering west again, towards the sea and the scuttled Darkqueen, where they were ambushed by hares of the Long Patrol, who proved more than a match for the crew. The hares sent them hurrying back to Greypatch, who regained authority. Bigfang had no chance to regain his position.

As the attacks on Redwall wore on with little success, Bigfang and his companion Lardgutt began appealing to the crew's hunger. Greypatch's patience snapped and he challenged Bigfang to a fight. Bigfang was big and strong, and it was a close battle, but in the end Greypatch's experience won out and Bigfang was killed.