Place of Origin:Peace Island
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss

Bistort was a male hedgehog, and the Patriarch of Peace Island. He was also the husband of Downyrose, the father of Urtica, and the father-in-law of Welfo.

Bistort and Urtica found Triss, Shogg and Welfo while gathering kelp off the island - the escaped slaves' ship quite literally ran into it while all three were semi-conscious and ill, and the two hedgehogs carried them back to their home cave to be treated and fed. Urtica fell for Welfo almost at once, but shyly tried to hide it from his father, though Bistort soon found out. Later, Bistort showed Triss and Shogg the secret mooring place where he had hidden their ship. He also showed them a storage cave which was full of homemade weapons like lances and pikes, though he claimed his tribe never used the weapons and were sworn from generations past to always be creatures of peace, not war.