Blademaster's Medal

Blademaster's Medal by Sean Rubin

The Blademaster's Medal, also known as The Coin, was made from a golden coin found by Lord Brang Forgefire in a wrecked corsair ship. The Badger Lord formed it into a medal and gave it the inscription 'Blademaster' with a picture of a paw holding a sword on it. It was a symbol of status and pride for the Blademaster of Salamandastron.

It was first used by Feryn Kordyne and was passed down through the Kordyne family to the first-born son. It eventually was given to Clerun Kordyne, who, though not a warrior, kept it and took it with him when he moved away from Salamandastron to his farm with his wife Clarinna. It was in turn stolen from him by Zwilt the Shade, and when the sable was killed, was taken back by Clerun's younger brother Buckler Kordyne.

Known Medal Wearers


The Bladmaster's Medal appears in The Sable Quean.

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