Blodd Apis

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Blowpipe, Bees
Death: Stung to death by her own bees
Appears: Doomwyte

Blodd Apis, also known as the Queen of the Wild Sweet Gatherers and the Queen of All Bees, was a savage, old, skinny hedgehog who resided in Mossflower Woods and was incredibly protective of what she deemed to be her territory. Apis threatened travelers who trespassed into her domain with death, and shot darts tipped with bee venom at anybeast she deemed an intruder.

Blodd Apis resided alone in a den in between two yew trees which housed multiple beehives, which she tended. She also made a strong 10-season mead from the bee's honey, which she had become used to but which could lay new drinkers out cold. The old hedgehog was the owner of one of the emerald eyes of the Great Doomwyte Idol, and referred to it as the "Green Star of the Woodlands". Apis also carried the juice of wild ants in a tube about her belt to splash onto her enemies; her bees would smell the pheromones and attack whatever the scent was coming from.

Skipper Rorgus, Dwink, Perrit, and Foremole Gullub Gurrpaw entered her lands while searching for the Doomwyte jewels. After shooting darts at the foursome failed, Apis pretended to surrender and led them to her home, where she heavily intoxicated the group with her special mead. She further planned on covering the Redwallers with her ant juice so that the bees would kill them. Fortunately, Foremole Gullub was not as drunk as the others, and managed to cause Apis to spill her juice onto herself, which resulted in the hedgehog becoming overwhelmed with bees, and dying the "Death of a Thousand Stings". After the bees had calmed down, the travelers buried Blood Apis in her own cave, thinking it would be indecent to do otherwise despite the fact that the old hog was insane.


  • "Apis" is the name of the honeybee genus.