Place of Origin:Terramort Isle
Weapon: Whip
Death: Killed by Dandin with the Sword of Martin
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Note: This article is about the rat. For the hedgehog see Blodge (The Long Patrol).

Blodge was a male searat with a 'gruff, hard' voice. As the slavedriver of the Seatalon, under Captain Catseyes, Blodge was particularly cruel.

Blodge seemed to revel whipping Dandin and Durry Quill, who were taken as oarslaves by the searats when they became shipwrecked. Under Blodge's treatment, oarslaves were intentionally kept undernourished, whipped regularly, forced to row for weeks, and were chained to their benches at all times. Blodge and his assistant, Clatt, often acted together to humiliate and further torture their victims, spilling the slaves' meager rations on the floor during mealtime. Blodge was even cruel with his own mate, tempting him with food he knew Clatt could not get.

Blodge was eventually killed by Dandin with the sword of Martin the Warrior, when Joseph the Bellmaker freed the slaves in Terramort Cove.