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  • LordTBT

    During the afternoon of May 11, Soma Games hosted their first-ever Twitch live-streaming session, which featured a Redwall: The Warrior Reborn question and answer session with CEO Chris Skaggs, and members of the art team, Erin Kays, Emily Eason, and Jeremy Adams.

    The discussion lasted around 34 minutes - 20 of which were dedicated to revealing concept artwork, with another 10-15 minutes set aside for viewer inquiries.

    The team covered the look of The Gatehouse, development of mice characters, and the design of a mouse village situated outside of Redwall Abbey, which players of Redwall AbbeyCraft: The Corsair's Last Treasure should recognize as Lilygrove.

    The video also featured an original composition by Seth Stanley as background music, which w…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    In the Redwall series, Bloodwrath is a phenomena that "causes the afflicted to go berserk with anger for a short period of time, enabling him (or her) to cause a fantastic amount of damage during battle and withstand an almost unreal amount of battle damage" (Excerpt from Bloodwrath). It is common in many badger characters, but it has not been restricted to them. There are many notable examples (in my opinion, I just think most of the characters claimed to experience it are just in a state of rage. Brian Jacques never came out and said they experienced it, but it is assumed. As it is assumed, I can have my own opinions about this.)

    As stated on the page about Bloodwrath, it seems to have been related to Viking Berserkers. Before spring break, I …

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  • LordTBT

    Yesterday, Soma Games released a poll to Redwall fans in an effort to determine what they're looking for in Redwall: The Warrior Reborn.

    You can participate in the poll yourself by clicking here.

    And just for fun, we've recreated the poll below too...(you'll be able to see responses this way). Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Zampapes

    So I got The Redwall Cookbook and was really excited to try the recipes! Here are the recipes I made (the pictures are of food the I made, not from online).

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    To everybeast on this wiki, you've all inspired me to keep writing, and for just being awesome!!! ^^ Also to Cressida Cowell, because she has inspired me so much as well. I'm sure if she was to read this, she would like my Hiccup. XD

    I just can't wait any longer, I have to do this! XP Now don't worry, this doesn't mean that I'm abandoning Outlaws of Mossflower at all. I will be working on both at once, which is actually what I have been doing, I just didn't publish any of it until now. ;P

    So anyways, this is the first book of my trilogy, A Hero's Journey. So if something doesn't make sense in this story and seems out of place or unresolved, remember it will all come together later. ;) I really hope it will be better than Outlaws, and it shoul…

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  • Th3Gh0stWr1ter

    After reading through the entire Redwall series I decided to split it up into chunks that I saw delineated different points in the evolution of the series.

    1. Early Period (Redwall - Outcast of Redwall)

    The Early Period of the Redwall series saw the birth of the series as well as many of its most classic novels and characters. Unlike most series that last twenty-plus books, the Redwall series found itself relatively early on, falling into a pattern from which future books in the series rarely deviated. This period is further divided into two smaller sub-eras. The first of these sub-eras spans from Redwall through Mattimeo. During this time, the basic good and evil species are established, along with the series’ rustic western European settin…

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  • Zampapes

    This Fanon blog will be updated hopefully every week or so. P.S. Sorry about the format, I am copying it from google docs because that's where I am writing it with my classmate/friend.

    UPDATE: Due to busy schedules and one person being on vacation the writing will be delayed!

    Newest Update: This blog of the story is outdated and will be discontinued until me and my friend finish it in docs.

    The otters Nile, Dyve, and, little Squiggle were out fishing on River Moss on a windy morning, “Sure is a fine day for fishin’, ain’t it Dyve?” “Sure is Nile, windy, perfect temperature, an’ liddle Squiggle’s having it too ain’t she?” responded Dyve. Little Squiggle was dancing around in there fishing coracle chanting, “I gonna catch a twout!” “Right yo…

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  • LordTBT

    Last month, we revealed that there was a bit of trouble brewing in regards to the Gary Chalk Lone Wolf Kickstarter project, which essentially revealed it was out of money and working on options for backers.

    Over the past several weeks, things have turned ugly.

    Internal disputes have spilled out into the public, with finger-pointing, name-calling and the all-around blame-game as to why issues have arisen, money has vanished, and pledges haven't been fulfilled.

    On February 25, a long-awaited update that was supposed to explain everything appeared. The main reward, the Lone Wolf board game, has been completed, and those who donated for that can unfortunately submit a bit more money to have it shipped.

    However, as this site's emphasis is Redwall, w…

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  • Th3Gh0stWr1ter

    Book Two Updates

    February 20, 2016 by Th3Gh0stWr1ter

    From now on, this blog post will keep track of any updates I make on the book two project, as well as on my profile.

    Lots of editing on the profile today, though I haven't found time in the past few days to finish any new chapters. That will change tomorrow, though. Three pieces of art have been created! I will post them this upcoming week in the "Original Characters" section!

    --Th3Gh0stWr1ter (talk) 23:14, February 20, 2016 (UTC)The Ghost Writer

    Two pieces of artwork have been uploaded! Here are two pencil sketches I have made of Kyrin MacBurl as he appears in The Black Hoard. The first is him in standard Redwall dress, and the second is of him in corsair garb. These pictures have also been added to the "Original Characters" section on my pro…

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  • Th3Gh0stWr1ter

    2/16/16: First Update!

    February 17, 2016 by Th3Gh0stWr1ter

    It's been a week since I first announced my return on this Wiki, and I'm happy to say that solid progress has been made! Here's a list of things:

    -Title change: The project has been retitled "The Black Hoard", due to shifts of focus in the story's plotline. I can't believe I missed the obvious pun.

    -Five chapters have been drafted as of this post. Lots of edits are to be made, but the main framework of the story has been established!

    -Art! I promised to upload some character art. So far, two sketches have been completed. I should be able to start uploading a few in the next week or so, once I've completed some more.

    More updates coming soon!

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  • Th3Gh0stWr1ter

    2/9/16: I'm Back!

    February 10, 2016 by Th3Gh0stWr1ter

    After being AWOL for almost four years, I'm happy to say that I'm active again and working on some new Redwall fics. It's great to see that this place is still up and running.

    For anyone (anybeast?) who is interested, it appears to me that my lazy butt never posted all the parts to "Kyrin: Son of a Warrior" on here, so here's the link to the entire story, completed March 22, 2013, on my Fanfiction account:

    I am working on a sequel as we speak, and I can tell you this: it will be called "The Black Horde", and will be set four seasons after the events of the first story.

    And this time, I will do my best to update regularly, including posting character art. I will also try to stay act…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    The Abandoned

    February 9, 2016 by Snowstripe the Fierce

    Okay, so this is going to be a prequel to Mattimeo, and the story of an abandoned youngbeast hailing from The Far East. His name is Malka Riss. This is tale of revenge, power, love, war, life, death, and everything in between.

    If you haven't noticed this is my first fanfiction I've started in the year of 2016 A.D.!! Yay!! I am putting The Spearmaid on hold for the moment, until this is finished. That being said,


    The following is a fanfiction. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline. Redwall and related media are copyrighted property by Redwall Abbey Company, Ltd. All rights reserved.

    From above, a figure screamed as it descended downward towards the bottom of the chasm. A creature awoke from his slumber within a large…

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  • Vaylayna the Shade

    You all go "But what about Shadowed?!" Don't worry, I'm still working on that (ishy, sorta, hopefully) but for a short break and comedy relief I'm trying my paw at a short story fanfiction build off, encorporating my characters into here. I'll post it in three sections so it'll be done quick. Hope you like it!


    Beginning Section -

    Rosebrush ran her paws through her hair, checking her image from all angles.

    "Ugh dat little hare is so in f' it," she muttered to herself, stepping back to view her long purple dress in the mirror as well. "A dance. Of all things f' dat girl to hook me into, a dance as if . . ." Scowling harder, Rosebrush swished her tail, wafting perfume everywhere, and exited her room.

    "I say," she muttered. "If I walked right past…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Hello, y'all! I hope you've noticed that this is my first blog of 2016! Hurray! I just wanted to put this little author's note here because I felt like it. Continue reading at your own risk.

    As we all know, Mr. James Brian Jacques, the author of everyone's favorite anthro fantasy series, died on February 5th, 2011, at the grand old age of 71 in his hometown of Liverpool England.

    His 22nd, and final, Redwall book, entitled The Rogue Crew, was published posthumously on May 3rd, 2011. However, due to it not being finished, and very seldom do you see an unfinished book being published, the book had to supposedly be finished by an unidentified "ghostwriter". What I write now may not be the truth, but, this being an essay, I will bring forth some c…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    The Ocean's Echoes

    January 28, 2016 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Well seasons they passed,

    And finally at last,

    The mad eyed one hard and the same,

    Three friends did send,

    Straight for their ends,

    Curse the emperor's name.

    One pearl for wisdom ..

    One pearl for mercy ..

    And one for the sovereignty ..

    Of Ignasa above.

    It's 'The Ocean's Echoes'! I am super excited about this book, it (hopefully) will be awesome. We're going to see more woodlanders, our surviving pirate crew of 'Stolen Tears', and maybe a few phantoms as well. ;)

    Ghost ships, mysterious killers, a wicked emperor, best friends turned against one another .. can the spirit of the dragons survive it? I guess we'll find out, eh? >:)

    • evil Sayna chuckle*

    There may well be a few PG-13 type scenes, simply for violence. *whispers* The battle on the Waveworm ..…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Conflux Of Time

    January 23, 2016 by Ox Rookbane

    Sequel to "Light in the Dark". Dedicated to those friends of the past, and those friends I will meet and make in the future, and to those present with me now. Dedicated to my good LegendTeller again, for inspiring me to write Redwall Fanfictions. Thank you for the support, all of you!

    Seasons after Ox Rookbane, Slayer of Ravens, Lord of Salamandastron, had told his story... Problems with his family brew. Being the Badger Lord of Salamandastron had fed the fire of the relationship that was meager and barely floating on the sea.

    Lady Victoria of Salamandastron, wife of Ox, had started to distrust him. He would promise something to her, and it would never be executed; something always got in the way as his duty of being Badger Lord. It frustrat…

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  • LordTBT

    Earlier today Soma Games revealed a lighting render of Cavern Hole for Redwall: The Warrior Reborn, with the known Neebrock demonstration badger character and a "cutlass-wielding member of the Long Patrol."

    It should be noted that "This is pre-alpha in-engine art. It is not representative of gameplay."

    The background music is the song "Media Vita in Morte Sumus" as performed by the Oregon-based Veritas School choir specifically for Soma.

    Additionally, Soma revealed some previously unknown knowledge about how this game came to be.

    Brian Jacques' answer to a fan question many, many years ago about video games is widely known: "I really dislike such things!"

    However, it appears that Brian had a different opinion later on.

    "What is NOT widely known i…

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  • LordTBT

    Greetings Redwallers, and happy new year!

    In December 2014, the Kickstarter launched by Redwall artist Gary Chalk was successfully funded.

    Among the rewards for backers: a 120-page artbook featuring illustrations from many of Gary's works, including the Redwall series.

    Upon completion of the Kickstarter, the following was said: "We can afford the first print run, covering backer rewards and providing stock to sell in a proper storefront in the future." The campaign raised $36K when it requested $30K.

    The following February backers were provided with a nice little update: the "entire first print run will be signed" by the man himself!

    Considering that these rewards were due to be shipped out in November 2015, if you're like me, you're probably wonde…

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  • Astar Goldenwing

    This is a fan fiction story by User:Astar Goldenwing. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    This story is dedicated to SaynaSLuke: after writing so many great Redwall stories for us to enjoy, I think you deserve one for yourself.

    The following events take place twelve seasons after events of ‘Pearls of Lutra’, five seasons after events of ‘The Taggerung’s Battle’ and twenty five seasons before events of ‘The Long Patrol’.

    In this story, one season equals one year.

    Feel free to comment at the end and correct mistakes if you want.

    Upon a sandy hill stood a tall rat. By his imperious posture and air of power that seemed to cling to his glossy brown pelt one could see that he was a leader, though many vermin would have said th…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Light in The Dark

    December 28, 2015 by Ox Rookbane

    Dedicated to my friend, LegendTeller. Thank you for inspiring me to continue writing and to get me started with writing Redwall Fanfiction and tales. Thanks mate! Also want to mention those who welcomed me to this Wikia! Thank you for the support!

    A beautiful spring morning had arrived. The sun kissed the sand and added a sparkle to the sea out and beyond. The glorious stronghold of Badger Lords stood above the rest, and gazed out at the sea and it's surroundings. Salamandastron! The great mountain resided by Badger Lords of past time!

    The current Badger Lord residing at this time was Ox Rookbane. At this time of day, he was outside with a young haremaid, enjoying a nice cup of tea (a favorite pastime). The two sat and took in the scenery l…

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  • LordTBT

    In June 2014, the Redwall Wiki first reported on the publishing of a new UK paperback edition of Redwall, by Vintage Children's Classics.

    The book features new front and back cover artwork by Dermot Flynn, with new interior chapter headings by Rachael Hare.

    The first thing to note about this edition is that it is mammoth. We've attempted to demonstrate that in the images below, with a fun comparison to the 1990 Avon edition of Mossflower.

    There is no map.

    In total, the book comes in at 576 pages, with 542 dedicated to the story itself. The rest comprise what has been termed "The Backstory."

    It contains:

    • The "Who's Who in Redwall" - a 3-page list of 28 characters, with brief biographies of about a sentence or so each.
    • "Test Your Knowledge of Redwall…

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  • Astar Goldenwing

    This is a fan fiction story by User:Astar Goldenwing. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    This is a side story/prequel to my upcoming fan fiction story ‘The Coming of Badger Lady’. The following events take place around five seasons before events of ‘The Coming of Badger Lady’ and thirty seasons before events of ‘The Long Patrol’.

    As a little content warning, I have to note that this story is going to be more violent than my usual writing. Nothing overly gory and bloody, but it’s still going to be on the same level as ‘A Slave's Revenge’ with regards to the violence, if not overall mood.

    In this story, one season equals one year.

    Feel free to comment at the end and correct mistakes if you want.

    The hot noon sun shone br…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Stolen Tears

    December 1, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Far 'way in west sea,

    Where corsairs bend the knee,

    The eyes of enchantment do shine.

    Wicked at best,

    Sent a terrible quest,

    The six tears of Lutra's are mine.

    One pearl for integrity ..

    One pearl for morality ..

    One pearl for loyalty ..

    One pearl for love ..

    So guess what .. it's Tears of the Ocean! (Rewrite of the Pearls of Lutra) and the sequel to The Veil is Torn. Sadly, all our friends from the Unsung Heroes trilogy, and the Accused trilogy, have lived out their lives many seasons ago.

    All but one. Yea, Sayna doesn't die easily .. for she is still looking for her successor as the Defender.

    So I've basically wiped the slate entirely clean. Though some things in Accused pertain .. monocles, Icetor Flowers, and rose-colored pearls have a way …

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  • LordTBT

    In a recent YouTube video, Soma's Chris Skaggs responded to an Internet inquiry regarding Redwall: The Warrior Reborn, and detailed how the company plans to approach the game. It will take place during the book Redwall, and feature background characters.

    "I think adventure style would be a good way to gameify the individual books. Are we talking original content here, or the gamification of the books?" asked Redwall fan Thomas Maloney.

    Here's Skaggs' answer.

    "The answer is both. We felt like for a minimum viable product, especially for the very first one coming off the gate, we needed to make sure that we were exploring and representing, especially existing stories, because people want to interact with those characters.

    And so for the very first t…

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  • LordTBT

    In 2013, we uncovered the cover artwork for the Czech translation of Redwall. Milan Dubnický's contribution was such a vibrant and beautiful cover I knew it would make a perfect addition to the Redwall Wiki library.

    The front cover portrays Cluny the Scourge, whip-tail in paw, with his horde outside of Redwall Abbey.

    And the back cover is equally mesmerizing: Basil Stag Hare and Matthias with a shrew in Mossflower Woods.

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Well since I've done several pages and have several more sketched (and people have asked me to) I've decided to make a blog for them. We'll see how far I get. Maybe I'll make a graphic novel adaption cover, cause the old 'ASC' cover is sort of outdated nowadays :P IDK.

    Anyways, hope you like 'ASC's' adaption in graphic form! It'll make me draw characters I would normally draw so maybe it's good for me. XD

    It's been my thought for a while now to make 'Accused' a graphic novel, and here you are. I'm not, at least at this time, using GIMP for these pages because removing such tiny areas is painstaking and it's easier to draw with my pencils. Someday when I become better at digital art I may switch over, but today is not that day. >_>

    Also I won'…

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  • LordTBT

    Redwall Wiki Celebrates 10 Years Online

    Where has all the time gone?

    Ten years ago, the Redwall Wiki emerged online. I would never have believed that today, in 2015, we'd have a rich database with 3,037 articles, approximately 5,136 images (2,636 of which constitute fan artwork), and around 726 fan fiction contributions.


    Even though it appears that there may never be another Redwall novel (but as we reported last month, who knows?), we will strive to ensure that new and old Redwall fans have a great communal gathering place and information resource.

    There are still endless avenues of Redwall and Brian Jacques to explore, and in the coming weeks, we will have more features of interesting items, amid other announcements.

    A special thanks to e…

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  • TheTragedyofE

    Wounds have I sixteen, is slit my byrnie,

    dim grows my sight, I see no longer:

    to my heart did hew, venom-hardened,

    Angantýr’s sword slashing sharply.

    Shall fair ladies never learn that I,

    from blows me shielding, backward turned me;

    nor shall ever Ingibiorg taunt me,

    in Sigtúna sitting,that from sword-blows I fled.

    Unwilling nowise,from women’s converse,

    from their sweet songs I with Soti fared,

    hastened to join the host to eastward,
    went the last time forth from friends so dear.

    Led me the white-browed liege’s daughter

    to the outmost end of Agnafit

    Is borne out thus that back I would not

    wend from this war: so the wise maid said.

    From Ingibiorg—came ill-hap swiftly—

    I fared forth, then,on fated day:

    a lasting sorrow to the lady,this,

    since not e’er after e…

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  • LordTBT

    ARC front]]

    Welcome to the 16th entry in the Redwall Wiki's ongoing series about collectibles.

    Castaways of the Flying Dutchman was Brian Jacques' first non-Redwall novel (his last non-Redwall book, Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, was published in 1991), and published back in 2001.

    In the UK, Castaways was published by the Puffin and Viking imprints of Penguin - and before it reached the masses, a very special Advanced Readers' Copy was released.

    There are always a limited number of ARCs available, however in the case of the UK edition of the Castaways ARC, we have a specific amount: 400.

    And each of these rare 400 copies are signed and numbered by Mr. Jacques himself.

    As you can tell in the pictures, the ARC is devoid of , however inside, all of Ian Sch…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    The Veil is Torn

    September 17, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Though he flees the grip of death,

    Paws red though white as snow.

    He's called to fight til his last breath,

    His heart through trials will go.

    Through it all one can see,

    Past this web of mystery.

    The plan laid out in ancient time,

    A veil shall set us free.

    Well, here we are. The final book of 'Accused' .. let's see what happens, shall we? ;) I've left my poor chararacters in such a mess, really, I wish I could just be nice to them for a little, but I'm afraid their quest isn't done yet.

    Time in Southsward is about up, so it's time to see what Xzanthia's really been up to. It ain't gonna be pretty.

    If you haven't read the prequel, Dream Seekers, I'd advise you do .. this won't make a lot of sense otherwise ;)

    So anyways. I dedicate this to the…

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  • Urgar the Piratefox


    September 5, 2015 by Urgar the Piratefox

    This is a fanfiction. It is not considered canon, nor is it policy or guideline. I would like to dedicate this to my grandma and my step-dads niece. My grandma has always been here for me even though she has cancer, and she always tries to find time to read my stories and spend time with me. Also, my step-dads niece actually got me into Redwall, so many thanks to her! I hope you enjoy!

    It was a rainy day on the west coasts. Zann Juskarath Taggerung stood in a cloth tent. His seer, Yerslynn, stood by his side. Zann spat on the ground, where a dead body lay.

    "Yerslynn, what troubles you?" the Taggerung asked the vixen.

    Yerslynn bowed to her Taggerung. She was odd looking. Her coat was patched with creamy brown, red, and white. Her brass bracele…

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  • LordTBT

    In February 2010, Penguin officially announced a contest for Redwall fans, in which one lucky winner would get to name a character in a future novel. Today, more than five and a half years later, we will finally reveal what happened. And it will surprise you.

    The contest copy stated that the character would be for "the next Redwall novel." As this took place in 2010, it was widely believed that this "next" novel the contest referred to was The Rogue Crew, which was subsequently published in 2011.

    However, Brian Jacques was almost always a year ahead in writing his books - it was certainly possible that the "next" novel for the contest winner's character was actually supposed to be a future book.

    The Redwall Wiki can absolutely confirm that this …

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  • LordTBT

    , from the Redwall TV Series]]

    Over a year ago, we broke the news that Redwall TV Series production art was available for purchase on eBay.

    During the past year, many, many pieces of original artwork from the show has popped up from that same eBay seller. We're delighted to announce that the Redwall Wiki library has acquired some of that artwork, and it sure is beautiful to see the sketches and hand-painted backgrounds from the talented artists in person.

    Here, we'll share a few of the favorites in our collection. These examples do not consist of everything we have, just a sampling.

    We were looking for certain representative artwork - a hero, a villain, a major location.

    The official photos from the eBay seller cover what it looks like fairly w…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Brownspike O'Quill + unknown

    M.G. | Gabe Quill Joseph Quill + unknown | Josh Stump Durry Quill | | | Missing Generations | | M.G . … Read more >
  • Heather the dragon rider

    I actually made most of the characters for this story before I even really knew about Redwall Wiki. Me and my brother are always being our favorite characters, and so we made some RW characters up for ourselves. We have a hideout down at our creek, (the Moss) that we built specially for being our characters. Then, when I found out that you can write fanfics on this wiki, I decided to write down our adventures as Cherry and Spikes. Thing is, we're always arguing over stuff. Argh.

    To everybeast on this wiki who has written a fanfic, because you inspired me to write my own. Also for my brother, (who is Spikes), my Dad, (who helped us with our hideout), and of course BJ!

    Dong sighed and shook his head. "Where are those ruffians? I've looked ever…

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  • TheTragedyofE


    This is a fan fiction story by User:TheTragedyofE. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline

    Warning! This Fanfic Contains Spoilers for The Following Canon Redwall Novels: Redwall, Mattimeo, and Pearls of Lutra. If You do not want any of these titles spoiled, do not read the following Fanfic! Continue at your own risk...

    Fat Snowflakes fell lazily on top of the Great Roof of Redwall Abbey. The windows of the Red Abbey where filled with a soft light; typical of Redwall. While a soft, hazy blanket covered the ground, the Dwellers of the Abbey all lay huddled in Cavern Hole. A story was about to be told, once more.

    An Elderly female Squirrel sat in a great chair, food and drink being brought to the Squirre…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Ungatt Trunn held his trident tight in his paw. His father Mortspear was sick, and maybe even dying. Most likely the latter. He was 19 seasons now, and his half-brother Verdauga 12. They were half-brothers because Mortspear just couldn't choose one wife, he couldn't be happy and accept what he had. He already had one wife, Vittata Trunn, but when one of her eyes went blind, Mortspear couldn't stand imperfection. So he married again. This wildcat's name was Galbina Greeneyes. She gave him one son, who's eyes were bright green, like hers with his father's body. They named him Vedauga.

    Mortspear always favored Verdauga, Ungatt knew it. The way he gave him so many presents, like a great spear with a silver point and gems encrusted into the hand…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Dream Seekers

    August 3, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Echoes will ring, echoes will fly,

    Sixclawed though he be.

    A hated one will answer this cry,

    What hides will set us free.

    Concealed the truth of his past,

    His father's fire within.

    The truth he may find at last,

    The echoes on the wind.

    Guess what .. it's Dream Seekers! Yay! I'm at the halfway point, almost. Yay! :D And while my hotspot was broken, I now have much better internet! :D

    So I'm very happy, and it's time for dedications!

    I dedicate this book to all my wiki friends and readers, especially to Lus, Reep, Astar, Salem, and Spirea. But it's to everyone who reads, whether they comment or not. Thank you, everybody ^^

    And of course to my mother. She and I RPG all the time .. orally anyway. Thank her for helping me work some kinks out. XP


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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Snowstripe was the son of Russano the Wise and Lady Rosalaun, as well as brother Melanius the Scarlet. At around the age of 15 seasons, he left Salamandastron and journeyed through the Western Sea until he found the uncharted island called Blue Isle. There, he found woodlanders such as mice, voles, shrews, and a great variety of river otters and sea otters. He was directed to Castle Gaer, a stone fortress much like Redwall Abbey. He was then taken to Queen Regina, a black-furred sable with almond-shaped eyes, much like his. she told him that her ancestors had come to this isle with hundreds of river and sea otters and other woodlanders, only to find that it is a perfect place to live, with wild fruit and other such things everywhere, as we…

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  • Astar Goldenwing

    This is a fan fiction story by Astar Goldenwing. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    In essence, this is an independent Redwall story. However, I managed to draw connection to my fan fiction story ‘For Freedom’, making it a very loose side story/prequel. In fact, its connection with ‘For Freedom’ is just the relations of certain characters to each other, so it contains no spoilers and can be read independently.

    This story was inspired by ‘The Legend of Luke’ and some ‘what if’ speculations on its part as well as certain events of Russian-Japanese war of 1905. Naming these events right now would be too much of a spoiler, but there are hints at them in the story.

    Now that you know my inspiration sources, you probably wo…

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  • XD1
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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    This is a fanfiction. It is not considered canon, nor is it policy or guideline. Dedicated to Reep the Warrior, Brigadier Barty, and my grandma, who actually took the time to listen to all my stories.

    There is not a beast as powerful

    The Scarlet!

    There is not a beast so bold

    The Scarlet!

    There is not a beast as mighty

    The Scarlet!

    As Lady Melanius, who's tale is yet to be told.

    "Are you sure you want to go on this journey, Melanius?" Snowstripe asked. "After all, it could be dangerous." "Oh, don't worry your head about it, Snowstripe. She'll be safe with us." Snowstripe turned around to see Reedthorn, the Skipper of Otters. "Oh, I don't just worry about her, Reedthorn." Snowstripe continued, "I worry about the mountain. For the last ten seasons, sh…

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  • Reep the Warrior

    By Reep

    This is the first story in a series of fanfics called the Paladins (a synonym of 'defenders', for those who don't know). The series itself is rather long (6 fics), and I hope I'll be able to write them all. They are-

    Paladins: Genesis-How Reep's tribe got to Green Isle, and of his mentor, Wave Galedeep. This one

    Paladins: ThunderStorm(yes, they all start with "Paladins" at the beginning)-Reep and Nikko's first story.

    And then the others, which I haven't named yet.
    It's going to be a different take on Redwall then what most fanfic writers do; sort of like Sayna's Fics. It's set during and after the events of 'The Rogue Crew'. Even though it's a different take on Redwall, I'm still assuming that the same events happened.
    I dedicate this fa…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce


    July 7, 2015 by Snowstripe the Fierce

    If you could meet anyone in the Redwall series, who would it be? Martin the Warrior Lord Brocktree Skipper Warthorn Orlando the Axe Deyna the Taggerung

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    You see, in the Redwall series, they have said many times that hares have served badgers for as long as anyone could remember, but why? Hares aren't low-class beasts, so why would they serve anyone? That's what I'm about to find out!

    In Redwall, there are dozens of cases in the books in which hares befriend/serve badgers. Here are a few of the examples

    Lord Brocktree -between Dotti and Brocktree

    The Long Patrol -between The Long Patrol and Cregga

    Triss -between Sagaxus and Bescarum

    Loamhedge - between Lonna and The Long Patrol (in the epilogue)

    Mariel of Redwall -between Rawnblade Widestripe and The Long Patrol

    There are many more examples, but I just picked these.

    In the Webster Dictionary, "mutualism" is described as "any organism relationship in whi…

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  • LordTBT

    It was springtime 1986, approximately five months before Redwall would be published for the first time in the UK.

    The 1986 FA Cup Final - the Football Association Cup, England's oldest football competition - was revealed to be a Merseyside derby, which meant that both teams were from Liverpool.

    Liverpool FC and Everton FC were set to take each other on at Wembley stadium in London, and the city of Liverpool was very proud of this fact.

    In an effort to showcase this pride, schoolteacher Frank Ravey of St. Aidan's School in the Huyton district composed words and music for a song meant to unite the residents. He called it "Red And Blue Together."

    The color red was representative of Liverpool FC, while blue represented Everton.

    Ravey decided to engag…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    This is what would have happened if they discovered that Tsarmina poisoned Verdauga and Gingivere was named King of Mossflower. This is also a rewrite of Mossflower much like SaynaSLuke's fanfics. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

    Gingivere was walking through the hallways. He was looking for his sister, Tsarmina. He had looked on the balcony, in her bedroom, and the only other place she would be is in their father, Verdauga Greeneyes, bedroom. He just wanted to tell her that dinner tonight would not be trout, as planned. It would now be roasted dove. He knocked twice before entering his father's bedroom. Sure enough, Tsarmina was there. She was placing a glass of water by his bed. "Shhh. He's sleeping. Sorry I didn't answer, Gingivere. …

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Gladir Raz the black rat walked into his tent. He was the chieftain of the Juskaraz, a vermin Horde of about 20 score vermin. And now, he had a meeting with Valen the ancient vixen seer and healer. She had been in the horde since Zord Cram, father of Grag Cram, their last leader, had ruled the horde.

    He had a plan. It was dangerous. It was risky. But he would do it anyway. As he sat down in the tent, Valen just stared at him. "Well, what are you waiting for!? Let's begin!" the rat chieftain said in his usual gruff voice. The vixen hesitated, then took a breath, and softly said, "Before we begin, there must be a chant, as well as a sacrifice of fur." The black rat took out a double-edged dagger from his belt. "Well, say the chant, and I'll…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Ok, so I know I'm not the first person to think about this, but what is Shadow, really? As a character article, he's a rat. And he's in the rat category. But I have an argument against this. Shadow shows intelligence rats just don't possess. I mean, I'm not saying that rats can't be intelligent (ex. Cluny the Scourge), but many rats show that they are just dumb soldiers. But Shadow seems to act more like a mercenary. Next, is his reliability. Cluny, when he hires Shadow, talks as if he has a history with Shadow. And he probably does. Shadow appears to be an expert thief, spy, and mercenary. If Cluny succeeded in capturing the Abbey, he probably would have made Shadow his right-hand-man. Or rat. Or weasel. Or whatever. Third, is his speed, …

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Lord Tenebris was coming. Whether the woodlanders knew it or not, he was going to slaughter the males, enslave the females and young ones, and declare war against peace and harmony. The black-furred pine marten had conquered all of Southsward, and now he was heading North! He would conquer all of Mossflower Wood, and then Redwall Abbey! Nothing stood in his way, and nothing ever would!

    Darkness rises, and it may not fall. It brings doom unto us all. The one to stop it is the one who's Sword flashes faster than we could ever know, They must ally with the one with the stripe of snow.

    Reep Lightningflash walked through the foliage of Mossflower Wood, cutting his way through the foliage with his two-pawed rapier. He sang a little song to himsel…

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