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  • LordTBT

    In a recent YouTube video, Soma's Chris Skaggs responded to an Internet inquiry regarding Redwall: The Warrior Reborn, and detailed how the company plans to approach the game. It will take place during the book Redwall, and feature background characters.

    "I think adventure style would be a good way to gameify the individual books. Are we talking original content here, or the gamification of the books?" asked Redwall fan Thomas Maloney.

    Here's Skaggs' answer.

    "The answer is both. We felt like for a minimum viable product, especially for the very first one coming off the gate, we needed to make sure that we were exploring and representing, especially existing stories, because people want to interact with those characters.

    And so for the very first t…

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  • LordTBT

    In 2013, we uncovered the cover artwork for the Czech translation of Redwall. Milan Dubnický's contribution was such a vibrant and beautiful cover I knew it would make a perfect addition to the Redwall Wiki library.

    The front cover portrays Cluny the Scourge, whip-tail in paw, with his horde outside of Redwall Abbey.

    And the back cover is equally mesmerizing: Basil Stag Hare and Matthias with a shrew in Mossflower Woods.

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Well since I've done several pages and have several more sketched (and people have asked me to) I've decided to make a blog for them. We'll see how far I get. Maybe I'll make a graphic novel adaption cover, cause the old 'ASC' cover is sort of outdated nowadays :P IDK.

    Anyways, hope you like 'ASC's' adaption in graphic form! It'll make me draw characters I would normally draw so maybe it's good for me. XD

    It's been my thought for a while now to make 'Accused' a graphic novel, and here you are. I'm not, at least at this time, using GIMP for these pages because removing such tiny areas is painstaking and it's easier to draw with my pencils. Someday when I become better at digital art I may switch over, but today is not that day. >_>

    Also I won'…

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  • LordTBT

    Redwall Wiki Celebrates 10 Years Online

    Where has all the time gone?

    Ten years ago, the Redwall Wiki emerged online. I would never have believed that today, in 2015, we'd have a rich database with 3,037 articles, approximately 5,136 images (2,636 of which constitute fan artwork), and around 726 fan fiction contributions.


    Even though it appears that there may never be another Redwall novel (but as we reported last month, who knows?), we will strive to ensure that new and old Redwall fans have a great communal gathering place and information resource.

    There are still endless avenues of Redwall and Brian Jacques to explore, and in the coming weeks, we will have more features of interesting items, amid other announcements.

    A special thanks to e…

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  • TheTragedyofE

    Wounds have I sixteen, is slit my byrnie,

    dim grows my sight, I see no longer:

    to my heart did hew, venom-hardened,

    Angantýr’s sword slashing sharply.

    Shall fair ladies never learn that I,

    from blows me shielding, backward turned me;

    nor shall ever Ingibiorg taunt me,

    in Sigtúna sitting,that from sword-blows I fled.

    Unwilling nowise,from women’s converse,

    from their sweet songs I with Soti fared,

    hastened to join the host to eastward,
    went the last time forth from friends so dear.

    Led me the white-browed liege’s daughter

    to the outmost end of Agnafit

    Is borne out thus that back I would not

    wend from this war: so the wise maid said.

    From Ingibiorg—came ill-hap swiftly—

    I fared forth, then,on fated day:

    a lasting sorrow to the lady,this,

    since not e’er after e…

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  • LordTBT

    ARC front]]

    Welcome to the 16th entry in the Redwall Wiki's ongoing series about collectibles.

    Castaways of the Flying Dutchman was Brian Jacques' first non-Redwall novel (his last non-Redwall book, Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, was published in 1991), and published back in 2001.

    In the UK, Castaways was published by the Puffin and Viking imprints of Penguin - and before it reached the masses, a very special Advanced Readers' Copy was released.

    There are always a limited number of ARCs available, however in the case of the UK edition of the Castaways ARC, we have a specific amount: 400.

    And each of these rare 400 copies are signed and numbered by Mr. Jacques himself.

    As you can tell in the pictures, the ARC is devoid of , however inside, all of Ian Sch…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    The Veil is Torn

    September 17, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Though he flees the grip of death,

    Paws red though white as snow.

    He's called to fight til his last breath,

    His heart through trials will go.

    Through it all one can see,

    Past this web of mystery.

    The plan laid out in ancient time,

    A veil shall set us free.

    Well, here we are. The final book of 'Accused' .. let's see what happens, shall we? ;) I've left my poor chararacters in such a mess, really, I wish I could just be nice to them for a little, but I'm afraid their quest isn't done yet.

    Time in Southsward is about up, so it's time to see what Xzanthia's really been up to. It ain't gonna be pretty.

    If you haven't read the prequel, Dream Seekers, I'd advise you do .. this won't make a lot of sense otherwise ;)

    So anyways. I dedicate this to the…

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  • Urgar the Piratefox


    September 5, 2015 by Urgar the Piratefox

    This is a fanfiction. It is not considered canon, nor is it policy or guideline. I would like to dedicate this to my grandma and my step-dads niece. My grandma has always been here for me even though she has cancer, and she always tries to find time to read my stories and spend time with me. Also, my step-dads niece actually got me into Redwall, so many thanks to her! I hope you enjoy!

    It was a rainy day on the west coasts. Zann Juskarath Taggerung stood in a cloth tent. His seer, Yerslynn, stood by his side. Zann spat on the ground, where a dead body lay.

    "Yerslynn, what troubles you?" the Taggerung asked the vixen.

    Yerslynn bowed to her Taggerung. She was odd looking. Her coat was patched with creamy brown, red, and white. Her brass bracele…

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  • LordTBT

    In February 2010, Penguin officially announced a contest for Redwall fans, in which one lucky winner would get to name a character in a future novel. Today, more than five and a half years later, we will finally reveal what happened. And it will surprise you.

    The contest copy stated that the character would be for "the next Redwall novel." As this took place in 2010, it was widely believed that this "next" novel the contest referred to was The Rogue Crew, which was subsequently published in 2011.

    However, Brian Jacques was almost always a year ahead in writing his books - it was certainly possible that the "next" novel for the contest winner's character was actually supposed to be a future book.

    The Redwall Wiki can absolutely confirm that this …

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  • LordTBT

    , from the Redwall TV Series]]

    Over a year ago, we broke the news that Redwall TV Series production art was available for purchase on eBay.

    During the past year, many, many pieces of original artwork from the show has popped up from that same eBay seller. We're delighted to announce that the Redwall Wiki library has acquired some of that artwork, and it sure is beautiful to see the sketches and hand-painted backgrounds from the talented artists in person.

    Here, we'll share a few of the favorites in our collection. These examples do not consist of everything we have, just a sampling.

    We were looking for certain representative artwork - a hero, a villain, a major location.

    The official photos from the eBay seller cover what it looks like fairly w…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Brownspike O'Quill + unknown

    M.G. | Gabe Quill Joseph Quill + unknown | Josh Stump Durry Quill | | | Missing Generations | | M.G . … Read more >
  • Heather the dragon rider

    I actually made most of the characters for this story before I even really knew about Redwall Wiki. Me and my brother are always being our favorite characters, and so we made some RW characters up for ourselves. We have a hideout down at our creek, (the Moss) that we built specially for being our characters. Then, when I found out that you can write fanfics on this wiki, I decided to write down our adventures as Cherry and Spikes. Thing is, we're always arguing over stuff. Argh.

    To everybeast on this wiki who has written a fanfic, because you inspired me to write my own. Also for my brother, (who is Spikes), my Dad, (who helped us with our hideout), and of course BJ!

    Dong sighed and shook his head. "Where are those ruffians? I've looked ever…

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  • TheTragedyofE

    This is a fan fiction story by User:TheTragedyofE. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline

    Warning! This Fanfic Contains Spoilers for The Following Canon Redwall Novels: Redwall, Mattimeo, and Pearls of Lutra. If You do not want any of these titles spoiled, do not read the following Fanfic! Continue at your own risk...

    Fat Snowflakes fell lazily on top of the Great Roof of Redwall Abbey. The windows of the Red Abbey where filled with a soft light; typical of Redwall. While a soft, hazy blanket covered the ground, the Dwellers of the Abbey all lay huddled in Cavern Hole. A story was about to be told, once more.

    An Elderly female Squirrel sat in a great chair, food and drink being brought to the Squirrel by noisy dibbuns, push…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Ungatt Trunn held his trident tight in his paw. His father Mortspear was sick, and maybe even dying. Most likely the latter. He was 19 seasons now, and his half-brother Verdauga 12. They were half-brothers because Mortspear just couldn't choose one wife, he couldn't be happy and accept what he had. He already had one wife, Vittata Trunn, but when one of her eyes went blind, Mortspear couldn't stand imperfection. So he married again. This wildcat's name was Galbina Greeneyes. She gave him one son, who's eyes were bright green, like hers with his father's body. They named him Vedauga.

    Mortspear always favored Verdauga, Ungatt knew it. The way he gave him so many presents, like a great spear with a silver point and gems encrusted into the hand…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Dream Seekers

    August 3, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Echoes will ring, echoes will fly,

    Sixclawed though he be.

    A hated one will answer this cry,

    What hides will set us free.

    Concealed the truth of his past,

    His father's fire within.

    The truth he may find at last,

    The echoes on the wind.

    Guess what .. it's Dream Seekers! Yay! I'm at the halfway point, almost. Yay! :D And while my hotspot was broken, I now have much better internet! :D

    So I'm very happy, and it's time for dedications!

    I dedicate this book to all my wiki friends and readers, especially to Lus, Reep, Astar, Salem, and Spirea. But it's to everyone who reads, whether they comment or not. Thank you, everybody ^^

    And of course to my mother. She and I RPG all the time .. orally anyway. Thank her for helping me work some kinks out. XP


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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Snowstripe was the son of Russano the Wise and Lady Rosalaun, as well as brother Melanius the Scarlet. At around the age of 15 seasons, he left Salamandastron and journeyed through the Western Sea until he found the uncharted island called Blue Isle. There, he found woodlanders such as mice, voles, shrews, and a great variety of river otters and sea otters. He was directed to Castle Gaer, a stone fortress much like Redwall Abbey. He was then taken to Queen Regina, a black-furred sable with almond-shaped eyes, much like his. she told him that her ancestors had come to this isle with hundreds of river and sea otters and other woodlanders, only to find that it is a perfect place to live, with wild fruit and other such things everywhere, as we…

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  • Astar Goldenwing

    This is a fan fiction story by Astar Goldenwing. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    In essence, this is an independent Redwall story. However, I managed to draw connection to my fan fiction story ‘For Freedom’, making it a very loose side story/prequel. In fact, its connection with ‘For Freedom’ is just the relations of certain characters to each other, so it contains no spoilers and can be read independently.

    This story was inspired by ‘The Legend of Luke’ and some ‘what if’ speculations on its part as well as certain events of Russian-Japanese war of 1905. Naming these events right now would be too much of a spoiler, but there are hints at them in the story.

    Now that you know my inspiration sources, you probably wo…

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  • XD1
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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    This is a fanfiction. It is not considered canon, nor is it policy or guideline. Dedicated to Reep the Warrior, Brigadier Barty, and my grandma, who actually took the time to listen to all my stories.

    There is not a beast as powerful

    The Scarlet!

    There is not a beast so bold

    The Scarlet!

    There is not a beast as mighty

    The Scarlet!

    As Lady Melanius, who's tale is yet to be told.

    "Are you sure you want to go on this journey, Melanius?" Snowstripe asked. "After all, it could be dangerous." "Oh, don't worry your head about it, Snowstripe. She'll be safe with us." Snowstripe turned around to see Reedthorn, the Skipper of Otters. "Oh, I don't just worry about her, Reedthorn." Snowstripe continued, "I worry about the mountain. For the last ten seasons, sh…

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  • Reep the Warrior

    By Reep

    This is the first story in a series of fanfics called the Paladins (a synonym of 'defenders', for those who don't know). The series itself is rather long (6 fics), and I hope I'll be able to write them all. They are-

    Paladins: Genesis-How Reep's tribe got to Green Isle, and of his mentor, Wave Galedeep. This one

    Paladins: ThunderStorm(yes, they all start with "Paladins" at the beginning)-Reep and Nikko's first story.

    And then the others, which I haven't named yet.
    It's going to be a different take on Redwall then what most fanfic writers do; sort of like Sayna's Fics. It's set during and after the events of 'The Rogue Crew'. Even though it's a different take on Redwall, I'm still assuming that the same events happened.
    I dedicate this fa…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce


    July 7, 2015 by Snowstripe the Fierce

    If you could meet anyone in the Redwall series, who would it be? Martin the Warrior Lord Brocktree Skipper Warthorn Orlando the Axe Deyna the Taggerung

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    You see, in the Redwall series, they have said many times that hares have served badgers for as long as anyone could remember, but why? Hares aren't low-class beasts, so why would they serve anyone? That's what I'm about to find out!

    In Redwall, there are dozens of cases in the books in which hares befriend/serve badgers. Here are a few of the examples

    Lord Brocktree -between Dotti and Brocktree

    The Long Patrol -between The Long Patrol and Cregga

    Triss -between Sagaxus and Bescarum

    Loamhedge - between Lonna and The Long Patrol (in the epilogue)

    Mariel of Redwall -between Rawnblade Widestripe and The Long Patrol

    There are many more examples, but I just picked these.

    In the Webster Dictionary, "mutualism" is described as "any organism relationship in whi…

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  • LordTBT

    It was springtime 1986, approximately five months before Redwall would be published for the first time in the UK.

    The 1986 FA Cup Final - the Football Association Cup, England's oldest football competition - was revealed to be a Merseyside derby, which meant that both teams were from Liverpool.

    Liverpool FC and Everton FC were set to take each other on at Wembley stadium in London, and the city of Liverpool was very proud of this fact.

    In an effort to showcase this pride, schoolteacher Frank Ravey of St. Aidan's School in the Huyton district composed words and music for a song meant to unite the residents. He called it "Red And Blue Together."

    The color red was representative of Liverpool FC, while blue represented Everton.

    Ravey decided to engag…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    This is what would have happened if they discovered that Tsarmina poisoned Verdauga and Gingivere was named King of Mossflower. This is also a rewrite of Mossflower much like SaynaSLuke's fanfics. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

    Gingivere was walking through the hallways. He was looking for his sister, Tsarmina. He had looked on the balcony, in her bedroom, and the only other place she would be is in their father, Verdauga Greeneyes, bedroom. He just wanted to tell her that dinner tonight would not be trout, as planned. It would now be roasted dove. He knocked twice before entering his father's bedroom. Sure enough, Tsarmina was there. She was placing a glass of water by his bed. "Shhh. He's sleeping. Sorry I didn't answer, Gingivere. …

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Gladir Raz the black rat walked into his tent. He was the chieftain of the Juskaraz, a vermin Horde of about 20 score vermin. And now, he had a meeting with Valen the ancient vixen seer and healer. She had been in the horde since Zord Cram, father of Grag Cram, their last leader, had ruled the horde.

    He had a plan. It was dangerous. It was risky. But he would do it anyway. As he sat down in the tent, Valen just stared at him. "Well, what are you waiting for!? Let's begin!" the rat chieftain said in his usual gruff voice. The vixen hesitated, then took a breath, and softly said, "Before we begin, there must be a chant, as well as a sacrifice of fur." The black rat took out a double-edged dagger from his belt. "Well, say the chant, and I'll…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Ok, so I know I'm not the first person to think about this, but what is Shadow, really? As a character article, he's a rat. And he's in the rat category. But I have an argument against this. Shadow shows intelligence rats just don't possess. I mean, I'm not saying that rats can't be intelligent (ex. Cluny the Scourge), but many rats show that they are just dumb soldiers. But Shadow seems to act more like a mercenary. Next, is his reliability. Cluny, when he hires Shadow, talks as if he has a history with Shadow. And he probably does. Shadow appears to be an expert thief, spy, and mercenary. If Cluny succeeded in capturing the Abbey, he probably would have made Shadow his right-hand-man. Or rat. Or weasel. Or whatever. Third, is his speed, …

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    Lord Tenebris was coming. Whether the woodlanders knew it or not, he was going to slaughter the males, enslave the females and young ones, and declare war against peace and harmony. The black-furred pine marten had conquered all of Southsward, and now he was heading North! He would conquer all of Mossflower Wood, and then Redwall Abbey! Nothing stood in his way, and nothing ever would!

    Darkness rises, and it may not fall. It brings doom unto us all. The one to stop it is the one who's Sword flashes faster than we could ever know, They must ally with the one with the stripe of snow.

    Reep Lightningflash walked through the foliage of Mossflower Wood, cutting his way through the foliage with his two-pawed rapier. He sang a little song to himsel…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce

    This is a fanfiction. It is not considered canon nor is it policy or guideline. Dedicated to Reep the Warrior, SaynaSLuke, LordTBT, and Brian Jacques, my favorite author. We'll miss you, BJ.

    Lord Snowstripe picked up his scrolls and headed into the Great Hall. If there was anything he had inherited from his father, Russano the Wise, it was his ability to tell a tale. He remembered when he was very young, his father would tell everyone the tales of Lord Brocktree and Boar the Fighter. But now he was the Ruler of Salamandastron, and it was his turn. As he sat down in the huge badger armchair, he noticed that his sister, Lady Melanius, had already gathered everyone into the room. Clearing his throat, he began: "Thank you. Now the story I have …

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  • SaynaSLuke

    A Spell Cast

    June 22, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Four are not one when two are gone,

    Echoes of evil shall rise.

    Only a breath of morning song,

    Could break this spell of lies.

    A chosen one and chosen true,

    Has a call to answer.

    Far from home but not alone,

    He has a home to fight for.

    This is the long awaited, first book of Accused .. A Spell Cast. Accused is the rewrite of the Outcast of Redwall. The sequel to The Unsung Heroes series. (yes, each of those three words links to a book) XP

    This is going to be a radical, outside the box reinterpretation of the Outcast. It is going to grip you vividly if at all possible, and I hope you enjoy this beloved brainchild of mine.

    It will be shocking sometimes, maybe in some cases disturbing (although as always, I have nothing really over a PG level .. a…

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  • Jazz987


    June 21, 2015 by Jazz987



    It was the season of heavy rain and strong gales, and a great downpour was occurring late one night in Mossflower Woods. The cold, merciless rain churned the dirt into thick,sticky mud, and the wind caused the trees and other flora to thrash about violently. The forest-dwellers were locked up tightly within their homes, warm, dry, and safe from the raging storm. Indeed, it was foolish for any beast to have so much as a toe outside in such dreadful weather. That, however, did not stop the vixen.

    The mysterious vixen had been running through the forest for quite some time now, a paw constantly resting on her swollen belly. She was due for birth, but she refused to have her child until she found a safe place. Her cries and plea…

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  • Tess the Golden

    Eyes of Emerald

    June 17, 2015 by Tess the Golden

    This is my first Redwall fanfic, so ... well. It's an attempt. I would like to thank SaynaSLuke for inspiring me to start this, and for the horses.

    And of course everyone else with a fanfic! you've all been an inspiration to me!

    Jackleap Strongfoot had been sent to the armoury of Salamandastron again. Usually quiet and meek, he was furious now, alone in the armoury. Angrily the chocolate-brown hare polished pikes and swords, muttering under his breath.

    “Huh, some captain, wot! Sentencin' a chap to the armoury twice in a fortnight? No bally imagination has ol' Captain Quincepaw, wot wot, bloomin' cad!”

    “Bloomin' cad y'self, Jacki! C'mon, laddie buck, straighten up, eyes front, chin up, stiff upper lip an' all that, wot wot!” rang out a cheerful…

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  • Biggren

    "Have I ever told you the tale of how a Son of Renert defeated Death itself?"
    The Juska were huddled together, some in blankets, around a crackling fire. On the other side of it sat the Seer. Silence reigned, and taking this as a cue, the vixen continued.
    "Long ago, when beasts died, they passed on into the realm of the Devil, called Hellgates. He was a harsh creature, and tormented those who entered his lands, cursing them to walk through the black ashen plains forever. Heed closely." The young Juska were gathered around, listening to the vixen Maltra as she told her tale. It was a cool evening, and they stared into the flames as the Seer spoke.
    "Aye, that was the law of Death; but one day, everything changed!" she spread her paws wide and t…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Echoes of Hope

    April 16, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Well, to all who voted on this, thank you XD This will be the story of two of the most popular characters of Four Warriors Cometh, Whegg and Regina :)

    Yea. I failed with them, two of my favorite characters ever ... :/ So now I'm going to make up for it, hopefully :3 I won't write this very fast, it's a sidestory .. so the updates may be slow.

    So yea. Let's see if I can do this! It won't be terribly long, I'm thinking ten chapters at most. ;)

    In the days when the great Verdauga Greeneyes had an iron paw over Mossflower, and nearly a chokehold on the rest of the known world, hope was scarce.

    For the woodlanders yes, but in some cases, even worse for the mighty cat's own followers.

    These beasts were forced to bend to his will, whatever it …

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  • Cluny123

    Part 1- Childhood of a Warlord Verdauga Greeneyes was born to be a warlord. It was in his blood, literally. This wildcat had the blood of King Mortspear in his veins. King Mortspear ruled the Highland Kingdom, the largest empire ever in all the lands. The wildcat King led his army of weasels, stoats, ferrets, and foxes from the frigid Land of Ice and Snow to the Highlands. There, the powerful commander set a path of destruction from the far Northern Mountains to the very borders of Mossflower Woods. His name though, was not always Mortspear. He gained that name from his famous spear, his signature weapon that he had led countless charges with. After establishing his immense empire, Mortspear set up a capital at the foot of the Northern Mou…

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  • Alderjack the Treescamp


    By: Alderjack the Treescamp

    Chapter 1

     A warm summer breeze blew through the tall trees of Mossflower Woods as little birds twittered and flittered about. Big, fluffy clouds like giant cottonballs ever so slowly meandered across the brilliant blue sky. Then, there was a split in the trees. A traveler would breach beyond the trees, to suddenly be gazing upon a humongous red sandstone building, an abbey, to be exact. Redwall Abbey was a peaceful and caring place, filled with happiness and friendship. The mice, squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, and otters that lived there always treated any wanderers, visitors, and travelers with hospitality. On this particular gorgeous summer day, the Redwallers were planning a…

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  • Brigadier Barty

    Redwall Abbey has seen many, many foes in its time, from Cluny and his horde to a band of Water rats working under a scheming Marlfox under cover of night.

    But this certainly begs the question-

    Of all the enemies seen, who has by far posed the single greatest threat to the Abbey of Redwall?

    You may judge this by numbers, intelligence, quality, sheer luck, or other factors you find important.

    Submit your answers below and I'll create a list.

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  • Nix Collins

    The Legend of Niko

    March 13, 2015 by Nix Collins

    Chapter 1 Beginnings

    Niko wasn't a beast who just sat down and did nothing when it mattered. Niko was a beast with a world in front of him and 100% nothing standing in his way of pursuing his goals. You see, Niko is an otter with a dream, a dream which makes him wonder what's out there in the world. Ever since he was small, living on Green Isle under the care of Queen Tiria Wildlough, Niko dreamed of taking to the seas and heading east to Mossflower Country where he'd hope to see Redwall Abbey. Niko Wildlough, which the other clans gave him because he lived pretty much with Tiria, had her adventurous spirit and her wit and wasn't too bad with a sling, dagger, or sword either.

    But the one weapon he favored was a scythe he called Reaper. It wa…

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  • LordTBT

    An important update has been released in regards to the artbook reward from Redwall illustrator Gary Chalk's Lone Wolf Kickstarter:

    If you backed this reward, your copy of the artbook will be signed by the man himself!

    According to the Kickstarter campaign, 38 people pledged funds for the book, while an additional 53 pledged for the game and the artbook, so 91 lucky backers should be receiving the artbook with Mr. Chalk's official autograph.

    A new website has also been launched so that others can pre-order the Lone Wolf game or the artbook. The artbook pre-order price is £24.50 or $37.82, which means Kickstarter backers saved $7.82, and likely more as I'm sure the price will increase after it's published.

    Pre-ordering the artbook at this time wi…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    The Prophecy Fulfilled

    February 27, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    When thought it is, strife is no more,

    And lazy summer sun shines down,

    An evil holdeth western shore,

    While kings and queens must find their crowns.

    Though snow white lord and evil queen,

    Do both lie still in death,

    The offspring of one,

    Good will shun,

    Hating light to their last breath.

    The gold mouse maid and her true love,

    As well as brother bold,

    Must war long with the warlord's son,

    Where sun turns sea to gold.

    Far in the west, three rulers fight,

    And one will stay behind.

    But even where all seems at peace,

    There is the dark of night.

    A long lost father shall be found,

    Near tallrocks by the sea.

    Though old one knows where hide the crowns,

    A blue one holds the key.

    Now when this riddle has been solved,

    And enemies been killed,

    The green-eyed allianc…

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  • Vaylayna the Shade


    February 25, 2015 by Vaylayna the Shade

    A trail of paw prints led from the crashing waves by the sea, through sandy dunes, to the fringes of a woody cliff. A lone, black traveller turns around casting piercing black eyes over her hidden home. Somehow she knew she wasn't ever going to return the sands of the Eastern Lands. She hadn't told anyone of that feeling inside of her, but there it was. She would not be going back. She would not ever see those sands and wavelets in which she had played when she was little. The black hare turned away without any emotion on her face, although, inside, emotions were bubbling like boiling water . . .

    In a swirl of green and black, the hare vanished into the cliffs, never to return.

    Patchrunner nestled back into a tussock on the top of a la…

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  • Warriorfan123

    Twin Moons

    February 21, 2015 by Warriorfan123

    Twin Moons

    Moonlight shone down on the figure of a hare. It carried with it a round form swathed in white cloth, two tiny ears poking out from the blankets. Snow crunched between the hare's paws as it loped along at a quick pace, bundle clutched tight to its chest. It seemed to be making for a dark shape perched on top of a snowy hill. As the hare neared, the shape enlarged to become a massive stone structure, encircled by a moat. The hare rushed to the edge, yelling out into the night.
    " Open up, 'tis only General Rockwing, bringin' Ol' King Rango 'is babe!"
    " Righto, mate!" the faint reply came. Rockwing nimbly leapt aside as a great wooden drawbridge slammed down with a thump! The hare leapt aboard the surface, running along it even as it wa…

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  • LordTBT

    Back in September 2014, Soma Games revealed that they were seeking $1.2 million in financing and new partners, in an effort to continue development on Redwall: The Warrior Reborn.

    Yesterday, Chris Skaggs announced that a majority of the funding has been received, primarily from Chattanooga, Tennessee-based nonprofit The Maclellan Foundation.

    They've also received additional support from other investors, however they still have a little ways to go before reaching their goal. As such, they've opened up the process to a wider group. If you have big, big money you'd like to throw their way, you can learn more here.

    Soma and Chris will be appearing at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco next month, with an extended version of the …

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  • SaynaSLuke

    A War from Inside

    January 31, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    This is a collab between Sayna and Illusion. It will be about what happened to one of the most mysterious heroes of The Warrior's Beginning and Four Warriors Cometh, Groddil! Ever wondered what really happened to him when he disappeared near the end of TWB? And why he came back?

    Well now .. we will tell you.

    And you just might meet some brand new friends .. and enemies .. along the way!

    I guess I'll be writing the Prologue, Illusion the first chapter, me the next .. and so on. You get the idea ;P

    Enjoy, and please comment! - Sayna She has a warrior's spirit

    They didn't see. They didn't understand what he was doing, and they didn't need to. It didn't concern them.

    And yet it did.

    He had watched them so long .. saw them grow, saw their worries, felt …

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  • Verity the Haremaiden

    So I've been thinking this Winter could do with a good narrative poem for the old lads at Salythingummytron to tell round the fire whilst they're keeping here it is! So without further babbling an' carrying on an' allsuch rubbish, I present tonight's star, Alec Misthyndyne Futhringshaw!

    It was morn, and all was well, in Spring as you'd suppose
    That wand'ring laddie buck Alec continued t'wards his home.
    He shook both paws, wound both ears and scratched his achy back
    And gath'ring his affects he hitched up his old haversack.
    On o'er the dales he roamed 'til a breather he required
    'Gainst an oak tree lean'd and said, "Corks, I'm rather tired!"
    So he sat down once more to rest, reached inside his pack
    Brought up candied fruit, and said "Alec,…

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  • Verity the Haremaiden
    Hello chaps, chapesses and laddie bucks! Most of you know I'm less of the writer type an' more o' the jolly old song-writer type, if that flippin' well makes any blinkin' sense, wot! Well, here's a few of my songs, most of 'em Long Patrol ballads, plus a few tuneless scripts to boot, as they come to my bally old brain. This is a place for me to keep all of my songs so anyway if you're passing through, enjoy!

    March of the Fifty-Third Foot
    (A old border hare Patroller's reminiscences composed into a ballad)


    O the jolly ald Fifty-Third Foot,
    Have thaer grand ald place in history;
    An' now patrollin', always forward,
    They live again in mah memory.

    The wither was cold an' bittah,
    On that ill-fated Wintah's day;
    When a-shoutin' Bluid, Death an' Vine…

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  • Astar Goldenwing


    January 5, 2015 by Astar Goldenwing

    This is a fan fiction story by Astar Goldenwing. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    This story is dedicated to Segalia Riverstorm, a good friend and faithful reader. Thank you for sparking the idea that inspired this story. In one of the comments to my other story, ‘For Freedom’, she noticed how interesting it was that the hero used wit and not skill to defeat her opponent. And I thought: what if the story’s protagonist was physically weak and small? And what if, to add injury to insult (literally), he was crippled as well? That’s how the main character was born, and the story soon followed.

    In this story, one season equals one year.

    Feel free to comment at the end and correct mistakes if you want.

    Stars shone quietly,…

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  • Brushfen the Wanderer

    Break of Day

    December 29, 2014 by Brushfen the Wanderer

    It were a dark and moonless night and wild were the weather, as it always is in these kind of tales. The rigging whipped and sang as the small vessel ploughed through the restless seas and the rain poured so thickly a beast couldn't see his paws in front of his face! It was on this ship, the Iron Queen that seventeen souls kept counsel among themselves in the dim light of a flickering lantern belowdecks.

    "Weren't for the rain I'd have me a clear viewin of the lay of the seas and if there be land, cullies!"

    Said the lookout, a right weathered looking feller, a hedgehog by species.

    "What'll we do now, mates?"

    Asked a young otter lad.

    "Just sit tight an wait for the seas to calm. We've battened the hatches and locked the doors, so every beast to his…

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  • LordTBT

    Earlier this afternoon, the Kickstarter hosted by Redwall illustrator Gary Chalk successfully reached and surpassed its goal of $30,000. The wargame/boardgame project will be financed, and just in the nick of time, as there are only 42 hours to go.

    This is still a great time to get involved though, especially if you're a fan of Chalk's art. Contributing $30 will now guarantee that you receive a copy of his artbook, which of course includes works from Redwall series.

    There are also several stretch goals for the game, depending on if additional funds are donated.

    Follow the link to learn more. And congrats to Mr. Chalk and co.!

    • '
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  • LordTBT

    In the United States, Nov. 29 was recognized as "Small Business Saturday." For the second year in a row, President Barack Obama visited local Washington, D.C. bookstore Politics & Prose with his daughters Malia and Sasha.

    In total, the First Family purchased 17 different books, and three titles of Brian Jacques' Redwall series were among them, including Redwall, Mossflower, and Mattimeo!

    Previously, the family of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair cited the Redwall series as some of their favorites and even invited Mr. Jacques to Number 10 Downing Street for a chat and a spot of tea.

    It appears that Redwall has now received a place in another Western government residence. Hopefully the Obamas enjoy the books.

    To see video of the encounter at Politics & Prose…

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  • IllusionOfOblivion

    A Twisted Reality

    November 28, 2014 by IllusionOfOblivion

    This is my first FanFic based off of Redwall, and is a total "in progress" project right now. So, the odd style of mine may take a little getting used to. It may be confusing right now, but hopefully, the destinies of the character's will be intertwined properly as action rises. Prophecies, Ballads, and other literary work along these lines will be introduced later on. All credits of the characters, land, culture, and overall idea go to the fantastic author, Brian Jacques.

    Try to figure out why its called "A Twisted Reality..."

    I would like to thank all who have commented for encouraging me! It just makes my day when people have something nice to say, and helps me when they have a suggestion. I especially want to thank User:SaynaSLuke for he…

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