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  • SaynaSLuke

    Echoes of Hope

    April 16, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Well, to all who voted on this, thank you XD This will be the story of two of the most popular characters of Four Warriors Cometh, Whegg and Regina :)

    Yea. I failed with them, two of my favorite characters ever ... :/ So now I'm going to make up for it, hopefully :3 I won't write this very fast, it's a sidestory .. so the updates may be slow.

    So yea. Let's see if I can do this! It won't be terribly long, I'm thinking ten chapters at most. ;)

    In the days when the great Verdauga Greeneyes had an iron paw over Mossflower, and nearly a chokehold on the rest of the known world, hope was scarce.

    For the woodlanders yes, but in some cases, even worse for the mighty cat's own followers.

    These beasts were forced to bend to his will, whatever it …

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  • Cluny123

    Part 1- Childhood of a Warlord Verdauga Greeneyes was born to be a warlord. It was in his blood, literally. This wildcat had the blood of King Mortspear in his veins. King Mortspear ruled the Highland Kingdom, the largest empire ever in all the lands. The wildcat King led his army of weasels, stoats, ferrets, and foxes from the frigid Land of Ice and Snow to the Highlands. There, the powerful commander set a path of destruction from the far Northern Mountains to the very borders of Mossflower Woods. His name though, was not always Mortspear. He gained that name from his famous spear, his signature weapon that he had led countless charges with. After establishing his immense empire, Mortspear set up a capital at the foot of the Northern Mou…

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  • Alderjack the Treescamp


    By: ALderjack the Treescamp


     A warm summer breeze blew through the tall trees of Mossflower Woods as little birds twittered and flittered about. Big, fluffy clouds like giant cottonballs ever so slowly meandered across the brilliant blue sky. Then, there was a split in the trees. A traveler would breach beyond the trees, to suddenly be gazing upon a humongous red sandstone building, an abbey, to be exact. Redwall was a peaceful and caring place, filled with happiness and friendship. The mice, squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, and otters that lived there always treated any wanderers, visitors, and travelers with hospitality. On this particular gorgeous summer day, the Redwallers were planning a Feast of …

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  • Brigadier Barty

    Redwall Abbey has seen many, many foes in its time, from Cluny and his horde to a band of Water rats working under a scheming Marlfox under cover of night.

    But this certainly begs the question-

    Of all the enemies seen, who has by far posed the single greatest threat to the Abbey of Redwall?

    You may judge this by numbers, intelligence, quality, sheer luck, or other factors you find important.

    Submit your answers below and I'll create a list.

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  • Nix Collins

    The Legend of Niko

    March 13, 2015 by Nix Collins

    Chapter 1 Beginnings

    Niko wasn't a beast who just sat down and did nothing when it mattered. Niko was a beast with a world in front of him and 100% nothing standing in his way of pursuing his goals. You see, Niko is an otter with a dream, a dream which makes him wonder what's out there in the world. Ever since he was small, living on Green Isle under the care of Queen Tiria Wildlough, Niko dreamed of taking to the seas and heading east to Mossflower Country where he'd hope to see Redwall Abbey. Niko Wildlough, which the other clans gave him because he lived pretty much with Tiria, had her adventurous spirit and her wit and wasn't too bad with a sling, dagger, or sword either.

    But the one weapon he favored was a scythe he called Reaper. It wa…

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  • LordTBT

    An important update has been released in regards to the artbook reward from Redwall illustrator Gary Chalk's Lone Wolf Kickstarter:

    If you backed this reward, your copy of the artbook will be signed by the man himself!

    According to the Kickstarter campaign, 38 people pledged funds for the book, while an additional 53 pledged for the game and the artbook, so 91 lucky backers should be receiving the artbook with Mr. Chalk's official autograph.

    A new website has also been launched so that others can pre-order the Lone Wolf game or the artbook. The artbook pre-order price is £24.50 or $37.82, which means Kickstarter backers saved $7.82, and likely more as I'm sure the price will increase after it's published.

    Pre-ordering the artbook at this time wi…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    The Prophecy Fulfilled

    February 27, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    When thought it is, strife is no more,

    And lazy summer sun shines down,

    An evil holdeth western shore,

    While kings and queens must find their crowns.

    Though snow white lord and evil queen,

    Do both lie still in death,

    The offspring of one,

    Good will shun,

    Hating light to their last breath.

    The gold mouse maid and her true love,

    As well as brother bold,

    Must war long with the warlord's son,

    Where sun turns sea to gold.

    Far in the west, three rulers fight,

    And one will stay behind.

    But even where all seems at peace,

    There is the dark of night.

    A long lost father shall be found,

    Near tallrocks by the sea.

    Though old one knows where hide the crowns,

    A blue one holds the key.

    Now when this riddle has been solved,

    And enemies been killed,

    The green-eyed allianc…

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  • Vaylayna the Shade


    February 25, 2015 by Vaylayna the Shade

    A trail of paw prints led from the crashing waves by the sea, through sandy dunes, to the fringes of a woody cliff. A lone, black traveller turns around casting piercing black eyes over her hidden home. Somehow she knew she wasn't ever going to return the sands of the Eastern Lands. She hadn't told anyone of that feeling inside of her, but there it was. She would not be going back. She would not ever see those sands and wavelets in which she had played when she was little. The black hare turned away without any emotion on her face, although, inside, emotions were bubbling like boiling water . . .

    In a swirl of green and black, the hare vanished into the cliffs, never to return.

    Patchrunner nestled back into a tussock on the top of a la…

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  • Warriorfan123

    Twin Moons

    February 21, 2015 by Warriorfan123

    Twin Moons

    Moonlight shone down on the figure of a hare. It carried with it a round form swathed in white cloth, two tiny ears poking out from the blankets. Snow crunched between the hare's paws as it loped along at a quick pace, bundle clutched tight to its chest. It seemed to be making for a dark shape perched on top of a snowy hill. As the hare neared, the shape enlarged to become a massive stone structure, encircled by a moat. The hare rushed to the edge, yelling out into the night.
    " Open up, 'tis only General Rockwing, bringin' Ol' King Rango 'is babe!"
    " Righto, mate!" the faint reply came. Rockwing nimbly leapt aside as a great wooden drawbridge slammed down with a thump! The hare leapt aboard the surface, running along it even as it wa…

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  • LordTBT

    Back in September 2014, Soma Games revealed that they were seeking $1.2 million in financing and new partners, in an effort to continue development on Redwall: The Warrior Reborn.

    Yesterday, Chris Skaggs announced that a majority of the funding has been received, primarily from Chattanooga, Tennessee-based nonprofit The Maclellan Foundation.

    They've also received additional support from other investors, however they still have a little ways to go before reaching their goal. As such, they've opened up the process to a wider group. If you have big, big money you'd like to throw their way, you can learn more here.

    Soma and Chris will be appearing at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco next month, with an extended version of the …

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  • SaynaSLuke

    A War from Inside

    January 31, 2015 by SaynaSLuke

    This is a collab between Sayna and Illusion. It will be about what happened to one of the most mysterious heroes of The Warrior's Beginning and Four Warriors Cometh, Groddil! Ever wondered what really happened to him when he disappeared near the end of TWB? And why he came back?

    Well now .. we will tell you.

    And you just might meet some brand new friends .. and enemies .. along the way!

    I guess I'll be writing the Prologue, Illusion the first chapter, me the next .. and so on. You get the idea ;P

    Enjoy, and please comment! - Sayna She has a warrior's spirit

    They didn't see. They didn't understand what he was doing, and they didn't need to. It didn't concern them.

    And yet it did.

    He had watched them so long .. saw them grow, saw their worries, felt …

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  • Verity the Haremaiden

    So I've been thinking this Winter could do with a good narrative poem for the old lads at Salythingummytron to tell round the fire whilst they're keeping here it is! So without further babbling an' carrying on an' allsuch rubbish, I present tonight's star, Alec Misthyndyne Futhringshaw!

    It was morn, and all was well, in Spring as you'd suppose
    That wand'ring laddie buck Alec continued t'wards his home.
    He shook both paws, wound both ears and scratched his achy back
    And gath'ring his affects he hitched up his old haversack.
    On o'er the dales he roamed 'til a breather he required
    'Gainst an oak tree lean'd and said, "Corks, I'm rather tired!"
    So he sat down once more to rest, reached inside his pack
    Brought up candied fruit, and said "Alec,…

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  • Verity the Haremaiden
    Hello chaps, chapesses and laddie bucks! Most of you know I'm less of the writer type an' more o' the jolly old song-writer type, if that flippin' well makes any blinkin' sense, wot! Well, here's a few of my songs, most of 'em Long Patrol ballads, plus a few tuneless scripts to boot, as they come to my bally old brain. This is a place for me to keep all of my songs so anyway if you're passing through, enjoy!

    March of the Fifty-Third Foot
    (A old border hare Patroller's reminiscences composed into a ballad)


    O the jolly ald Fifty-Third Foot,
    Have thaer grand ald place in history;
    An' now patrollin', always forward,
    They live again in mah memory.

    The wither was cold an' bittah,
    On that ill-fated Wintah's day;
    When a-shoutin' Bluid, Death an' Vine…

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  • Astar Goldenwing


    January 5, 2015 by Astar Goldenwing

    This is a fan fiction story by Astar Goldenwing. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    This story is dedicated to Segalia Riverstorm, a good friend and faithful reader. Thank you for sparking the idea that inspired this story. In one of the comments to my other story, ‘For Freedom’, she noticed how interesting it was that the hero used wit and not skill to defeat her opponent. And I thought: what if the story’s protagonist was physically weak and small? And what if, to add injury to insult (literally), he was crippled as well? That’s how the main character was born, and the story soon followed.

    In this story, one season equals one year.

    Feel free to comment at the end and correct mistakes if you want.

    Stars shone quietly,…

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  • Brushfen the Wanderer

    Break of Day

    December 29, 2014 by Brushfen the Wanderer

    It were a dark and moonless night and wild were the weather, as it always is in these kind of tales. The rigging whipped and sang as the small vessel ploughed through the restless seas and the rain poured so thickly a beast couldn't see his paws in front of his face! It was on this ship, the Iron Queen that seventeen souls kept counsel among themselves in the dim light of a flickering lantern belowdecks.

    "Weren't for the rain I'd have me a clear viewin of the lay of the seas and if there be land, cullies!"

    Said the lookout, a right weathered looking feller, a hedgehog by species.

    "What'll we do now, mates?"

    Asked a young otter lad.

    "Just sit tight an wait for the seas to calm. We've battened the hatches and locked the doors, so every beast to his…

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  • LordTBT

    Earlier this afternoon, the Kickstarter hosted by Redwall illustrator Gary Chalk successfully reached and surpassed its goal of $30,000. The wargame/boardgame project will be financed, and just in the nick of time, as there are only 42 hours to go.

    This is still a great time to get involved though, especially if you're a fan of Chalk's art. Contributing $30 will now guarantee that you receive a copy of his artbook, which of course includes works from Redwall series.

    There are also several stretch goals for the game, depending on if additional funds are donated.

    Follow the link to learn more. And congrats to Mr. Chalk and co.!

    • '
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  • LordTBT

    In the United States, Nov. 29 was recognized as "Small Business Saturday." For the second year in a row, President Barack Obama visited local Washington, D.C. bookstore Politics & Prose with his daughters Malia and Sasha.

    In total, the First Family purchased 17 different books, and three titles of Brian Jacques' Redwall series were among them, including Redwall, Mossflower, and Mattimeo!

    Previously, the family of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair cited the Redwall series as some of their favorites and even invited Mr. Jacques to Number 10 Downing Street for a chat and a spot of tea.

    It appears that Redwall has now received a place in another Western government residence. Hopefully the Obamas enjoy the books.

    To see video of the encounter at Politics & Prose…

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  • IllusionOfOblivion

    A Twisted Reality

    November 28, 2014 by IllusionOfOblivion

    This is my first FanFic based off of Redwall, and is a total "in progress" project right now. So, the odd style of mine may take a little getting used to. It may be confusing right now, but hopefully, the destinies of the character's will be intertwined properly as action rises. Prophecies, Ballads, and other literary work along these lines will be introduced later on. All credits of the characters, land, culture, and overall idea go to the fantastic author, Brian Jacques.

    Try to figure out why its called "A Twisted Reality..."

    I would like to thank all who have commented for encouraging me! It just makes my day when people have something nice to say, and helps me when they have a suggestion. I especially want to thank User:SaynaSLuke for he…

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  • LordTBT

    Illustrator Gary Chalk, known for his artwork contributions to the first six Redwall books, has launched a Kickstarter to seek financing for a Lone Wolf board game, which is inspired by a 1980s series of fantasy gamebooks illustrated by Chalk. The project is seeking $30,000, and has raised $13,902 at the time of this writing.

    From its official description:

    Battle for Magnamund is a fantasy wargame for two or more players. Each battle pits :good against evil, and the core set sees the Human forces of Sommerlund in war against the :Giaks, murderous grey-skinned humanoids bred in the infernal city of the Darklords.  :Players may control either an entire army or a single brigade on one side at a time. The :goal is to allow you to re-create any bat…

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  • LordTBT

    As we revealed in our ninth anniversary announcement, features were on the way!

    Here is the first: an exploration of Brian Jacques' second stage play (and third play overall), "The Docker’s Tale," which is a part of the Infirmary Tales collection.

    Infirmary Tales was organized by Phil Whitchurch, who recruited Brian and others to contribute plays to one larger show. Each play is different and features different characters - there is not one story line connecting them. It was originally performed over three decades ago in 1983.

    The entry of this publication into the Redwall Wiki's library seemingly completes our section on Mr. Jacques' pre-Redwall writings; this is the only known complete collection of all of his Liverpool works, and the only one o…

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  • Argulor

    So Nightshade the Seer, towards the end of Outcast of Redwall, had a vision of Sixclaw standing victorious atop a mountain, but then sees a silver badger. I assume this is meant to be Sunflash's mother, but I'm not exactly sure what it means. Do her visions predict that if Sixclaw kills Sunflash, Sunflash's mother will kill Sixclaw? Visions are strange things and can be interpreted in several ways...I'd love to hear your thoughts. Argulor (talk) 20:29, October 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Four Warriors Cometh

    October 22, 2014 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    He came in the night,

    We fell in an hour.

    There was no time to fight,

    For to save dear Mossflower.

    Our king and his queen,

    Met a bloody end,

    Their knee they would not bend.

    To Verdauga the Destroyer.

    You had better bend the knee,

    To his majesty,

    The king of mighty Kotir.

    You had better bend the knee

    To his majesty,

    The king of our Mossflower.

    Woe to the one who will not bow.

    No one on earth can help us now.

    We look ahead to future dawn,

    That will bring warriors to these forlorn.

    Two rightful king's heir, and two warriors brave,

    Descended from those who escaped the grave.

    From Verdauga the Destroyer.

    You had better bend the knee,

    To his majesty,

    The king of mighty Kotir.

    You had better bend the knee,

    To his majesty,

    The king of our Mossflower.

    Until these co…

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  • Greenfield the Warrior


    • Lopper, a hare with big ears and shows skill with a blade. Uses the sword of Martin the Warrior (in the war)
    • Lord Oak, the badger ruler. Uses a large, engraved axe.
    • Greenfield, an expirenced warrior who has killed a horde leader. Uses dirks (see The Long Patrol )
    • Abbot Berchon, a young (for an abbot) mouse who sticks to the code of Redwall. No weapons.
    • Straper, a perilous hare who is skilled with bows, slings, and throwing knives. Uses a longbow, a sling, and a set of knives.
    • Urthpaw, the Formole of Redwall, he used to live in the north and is thus expirenced with battle structures. Uses his powerful digging claws.
    • Sarton, a hare who can build catupults and basilitas. Uses a large war hammer.
    • Sargon, Sarton's brother, is a battle tested …
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  • LordTBT

    Redwall Wiki Turns 9

    It's hard to believe, but today the Redwall Wiki celebrates nine years on the Internet!

    We're pumped that Redwall fans continue to contribute excellent fan artwork and stories after all this time.

    Over the course of the past year, the Redwall Wiki has taken steps to identify all of the languages that Redwall has been translated into. There is believed to be 28 or 29 ... and we've determined 24 of those. Do you know of any others? Let us know!

    Also, if you watched the Redwall TV Series when it aired, you know that Brian Jacques always made an appearance each episode. Unfortunately, those appearances are not on the DVDs. We'd love to host these videos, and if anyone out there has them, please get in touch.

    It wouldn't be a Redwal…

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  • LordTBT

    It's been many months since we've heard news from Soma Games as to the status of Redwall: The Warrior Reborn, which was originally scheduled for release some time this year.

    Chris Skaggs has posted a new blog in which he discusses a number of obstacles that have come up since the conclusion of the Kickstarter in 2013, mainly tons of paperwork.

    Upon realizing perhaps they were thinking too small, Soma has now released a pitch seeking additional financing and new partners. They're asking for $1.2 million.

    What isn't 100 percent clear is if game development will continue if the requested funds are not raised.

    It also appears as if the general direction of the game has changed too, but Soma is keeping mum on that for now.

    Unfortunately, there are no…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    A Quest Begins

    July 26, 2014 by SaynaSLuke

    This is Book 1 of a Fan fiction trilogy called Destiny. It is written by Sayna (Me), and is a rewrite of Salamandastron

    Book 1: A Quest Begins

    Book 2: Crystalizing Ice

    Book 3: Call of the Mountain

    There is a thing that seems to be a cruel taskmaster over all of us, a thing that no one can fight and defeat. It's name is one we all know. Destiny. Some say your destiny controls you. Does it really? Or do we control it? Or is it some of both?

    Now, once, not so long ago, there lived two foxes, two squirrels, a hare, a badger, and a horse. What did all these creatures have in common? They all would fight a battle with destiny. The question is, who would prevail?

    There will be one,

    seventh son of a seventh son,

    With the brand of fire upon him.

    And there …

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  • LordTBT

    Oh boy. Here we go again. Earlier this year, Working Element, a production company helmed by Darren Thomas, announced that Redwall was in its portfolio.

    On June 26, an IMDB page for a Redwall movie popped up with a 2014 release date. Digging a bit deeper, it is listed under "optioned" status, with the following summary attached:

    Matthias, a young mouse, embarks on a quest to recover a legendary sword to save Redwall from Cluny the Scourge.

    Let's turn to Wikipedia for a moment:

    In the film industry, an option is a contractual agreement between a potential film producer, such as a movie studio, a production company or an individual, and a writer or third party who holds ownership of a screenplay. The agreement details the exclusive rights, including…

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  • LordTBT
    battles Cluny]]

    Moments ago, two eBay auctions ended on some rare Redwall TV Series production artwork. The Redwall Wiki had hoped to acquire at least one for its site library, however it was not meant to be. The opposing bidder either jumped in during the last minute or used a sniper program to win - large bids went in on both pieces with approximately 30 seconds to go for each auction, making it difficult to counter. Both auctions closed at $122.50.

    The pieces of art are clearly pre-final production. The first is pencil artwork from Season 1, Episode 13, and consists of the finale battle sequence involving Cluny the Scourge and Matthias. I've included the actual scene above for comparison - you'll note Cluny's cape does not have a hole in …

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  • LordTBT

    On June 5, 2014, Random House released a new 576-page paperback edition of Redwall with new jacket artwork, and possibly new interior art. The book was published by the Vintage Children's Classics imprint of the publisher for the UK.

    Of interest, the marketing copy for the book states that "In the Backstory

    As of June 17th, we have identified the cover artist and illustrator. The cover artist is Dermot Flynn, who is known for food artwork. There are also new chapter headings, courtesy of Rachael Hare. Rachael posted quite a few of the illustrations in her online gallery, which you can view here.

    The following summary is attached to the publication:

    Welcome to Redwall Abbey. Inside its enormous doors, mice live in peace, helping those in need and t…

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  • Blazemane

    Chapter 2

    This piece is based on part of Chapter 2 of Outcast of Redwall, with the bassoon representing Sunflash the Mace, the French Horn representing Skarlath, and both instruments taking turns here and there to represent the environment and/or the general feel of the situation that these two character find themselves in.

    Skarlath and Sunflash have managed to escape from Swartt Sixclaw, and they've just finally stopped for a rest in the snow at a clearing in the forest after running all night long. Now they consider their new-found freedom and what to do next. The piece ends as they leave the clearing and begin their long quest to take Swartt down.

    Note: MIDI files can't capture the sound quality…

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  • Blazemane

    Fan Music: Noonvale

    May 21, 2014 by Blazemane


    This piece has been a long time in the making. The inspiration for it came back in March of last year while I was watching Martin the Warrior. The material I wrote that day has been sitting around on my computer since then, waiting until I could find the time and energy to figure out where it was supposed to lead.

    The idea behind this is to express the joy of all the liberated beasts from Marshank as they arrive in the free land of Noonvale for the first time. There is safety, and beauty, and a promise of a life of happiness which some of the newcomers have never known for as long as they've been alive.

    Noonvale is also the home of Rose, and for her family and friends--and especially for Ma…

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  • Cluny123

    Corsairs of the Seas

    April 28, 2014 by Cluny123

    Part 1-Preparations

    It was morning on the cold seas west of Mossflower Country. Even colder was the cabins of the Seafang, terror of the high waves. Inside a certain cabin on the port side belowdecks, Tarak the fox, first mate of the Seafang, woke and stretched. Throwing on a cloak, the tattooed corsair yawned and opened his cabin door. A gust blew in, chilling the fox. "Ahoy, Bladetongue, any brekkist fer me?" The rat lookout called down from the crow's nest, "Aye, matey, if wot yer lookin' fer is last night's roasted fish." Cursing, Tarak made his way to the galley. Booting aside a cook, he grabbed a loaf and slashed it in half with his dagger. The fox ripped the chunk of bread apart, spitting out a weevil. "Oy!" he shouted to the cook. "…

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  • Cluny123

    The Bandits

    April 23, 2014 by Cluny123

    Deep in Mossflower a group of vermin sat around a fire. There were ten of the vermin in all, bandits from the northlands. Three foxes, four rats, two weasels, and a ferret made up the band. They were feared and they robbed passing innocents on the much-used path. The leader of the scrappy band, a fox called Sharptail, picked up a roasting fish on the fire and bit into it, spitting out the bones here and there. "Any o' that ale left, Dripear?" he asked. The rat in question replied, "Nah, Chief. Ole One-eye an' Blueclaw quaffed the lot yesterday." The fox Sharptail cursed and bit again into the fish. He was about to finish his meal when there was a noise by the path. The big fox froze. He whispered to his gang. "Did'ye hear that, mates? Some…

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  • Cluny123

    Excerpt from the journal of Brelyna the squirrelmaid, Abbey recorder, grand-niece of Lady Amber the squirrelqueen.

    It's been many seasons since the Great Mossflower War that my grand-aunt Amber battled in. Peace has reigned over Redwall Abbey and Mossflower, peace that our ancestors strove to form. Mossflower is now a golden place, full of laughing, singing creatures. Redwall is as great as ever. Our Abbot is very young for a typical Abbot. He's a mouse and his name is Drew. Abbot Drew is friendly and kind, but an unusual Abbot. He helps in the fields, tends the Abbey pond, and even helps our Friar, George, with the kitchenwork. I can smell the scones that they baked this morning from here. I'm not really used to writing so much, so I'm goi…

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  • Cluny123

    The Banished

    April 14, 2014 by Cluny123

    It had been many seasons since that day. Blackclaw the weasel remembered the banishment well. Those woodlanders had chased the Kotir soldiers off like pesky flies, and Blackclaw's old father had been slain. At the time, Blackclaw'd been young. Now they had to move to the southlands. They'd built their own homes out of timber that they'd collected from the north pinewoods. The former soldiers now lived in a farming lifestyle, one that Blackclaw hated. "Raaagh!" Farmers! thought Blackclaw. Useless! The weasel glanced around at his cabin. He walked to the door and opened it, entering. Blackclaw approached his room and opened his wardrobe. There it was, his father's Thousand Eye armor. Alongside it was his blade, a sword, slightly blued, and …

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  • Corbus

    A Leader Worth Following

    April 8, 2014 by Corbus

    He came to us a beast of the wild, untamed and mad

    Yet He was soon reborn as a Lord to us

    His kindness eternal and wisdom endless

    Before him would come both bandit and bishop, united before Him

    His love was given to all, and with it we prospered

    In His time we knew there could only be joy

    For He was The Vulpuz, Lord of the Earth

    -Ancient Verse, found in ruins of Loamhedge Abbey

    Barely a season had passed since Russano had come to Salamandastron and taken his place as Badger Lord and in the time since then he had taken on every last plan to improve the mountain fortress that had come to him, not refusing a single sane request. There were hares running all around the mountain, carrying all sorts of building supplies and equipment heading off to aid …

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  • Astar Goldenwing

    This is a fan fiction story by User:Astar Goldenwing. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

    This is a side story to my fan fiction called ‘For Freedom’ and it tells the tale of Skvold Sharkslayer and how he received his title. The following events take place forty seasons before events of ‘For Freedom’, twenty five seasons before events of ‘Triss’ and countless generations after events of ‘Mariel of Redwall’. This story is best to be read after chapter 20 or later of my fan fiction ‘For Freedom”, though because of the long time gap between it and the main story it could be read first as well.

    In this story, one season equals one year.

    Feel free to comment at the end and correct mistakes if you want.

    Rains and bad weather…

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  • LordTBT

    Chris Skaggs of Soma Games recently participated in an interview with Intel in which he discussed a bit about the upcoming Redwall: The Warrior Reborn game.

    "We're very interested in taking the RealSense™ technology, especially the new facial tracking, and being able to map a player's face right onto the character. So if you're playing a mouse or a squirrel or a mole, you'll be able to see your expressions and you'll be able to voice the lines. And it'll show up in the game on the character. So we can rig the character's face to move with your face. And we think that'll be a big play for these characters that people really love."

    "RealSense™ technology" refers to Intel® RealSense™, which you can read about in more detail here.

    Soma Games also u…

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  • Jace Seville

    As the title of this essay states, this essay is to help you imagine Redwall in real Life!

    Picture if you will walking down the highways and byways of Mossflower (where mossflower is I'll let you discern), and suddenly you see Redwall Abbey in front of you, gates open wide for you. Once inside, you see the human forms of everyone from the Redwall universe (pick any novel) greeting you making you feel at home. This is the type of thing happening to you in real life. The times you'd have, right? Now, picture if you will, at some point Martin telling you that it's destiny that you save the Abbey from danger! What do you do? Save the abbey or let it burn? Obviously, you'd save the abbey, but what if you had zero combat training, like me? Would …

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  • Brigadier Barty

    This is a oneshot in which one unfortunate Redwaller finally witnesses the true power of a viral song.

    This was inspired by the viral YouTube video [1]. Make sure to check it out!

    Anyways, I thank you dear reader for taking the time to look upon my pitiful scrawlings. I hope to astound, stun and amaze. Enjoy!

    Colonel Montclarcy McClane of the 7th Battalion of the Long Patrol of Salamandastron strode up to one of the groups of the battle-hardened defenders of Redwall, his ivory-topped cane tucked beneath his arm and his brushed mustachios blowing in the wind.

    Snapping to attention and clicking his heels together, the hare proudly saluted the four Redwallers, a mole, a squirrel, and two otters.

    “Smashing work out there, you courageous chaps! If I…

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  • Lady-warrior

    Okay before I start I learned about ferrets from reading the redwall books. It wasn't until a few years later when I was doing research for a school paper that I discovered the truth about ferrets. They're actually really sweet and friendly creatures. They love to play and get along well with other animals. Sure their names mean 'thieving weasel" and they are known to take chicken eggs in the wild but they're not evil creatures. ALSO they're related to otters and I believe badgers too so WHY are ferrets bad guys and otters and badgers aren't? Why did Brian make them evil with only like three exceptions? It bothers me since I LOVE ferrets and they make awesome pets.

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  • Jukka the Sling

    This is a short story I wrote for a fan fiction contest on the official Redwall forum. It tied for second place in the contest. There are spoilers for the The Sable Quean, so if you haven't read that, don't read this fic!


    The mountain Salamandastron reared majestically into the morning sky. It had stood throughout the ages as the domain of Badger Lords and the hares of the Long Patrol, a symbol of right and good, and justice for all innocent creatures.

    Buckler Kordyne, the young Blademaster, was heading down to the mess hall for breakfast. He could hear the chatter coming from the hares seated around the tables. The young hare was just about to enter the mess hall when he heard a commotion behind him.

    Buckler turned to see two young …

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  • Jace Seville

    As we all pretty much know, most, if not all, Redwall novels have had the foxes/vixens in them, but there's one thing they have in common; they're portrayed as either the villains (in the case of Marlfox) or as the villain's lackeys, most skilled warrior(s), etc. I bring forth an argument that I'm pretty sure is gonna be deemed as the most stupidest, least thought-out theory you've ever read; Foxes/Vixens could just as well be the hero/heroine as any other race in the whole entire Redwall universe.

    Before you say or think to yourself, "what's this idiot saying?" just hear me out! In The Outcast of Redwall, the hero was a ferret, which is a typical classic Brian Jacques villain class. He was seen as the villain until he sacrificed himself … Read more >
  • QueenClam


    March 1, 2014 by QueenClam

    I have made only one pic so far, but I'm thinking of making a few more... Here is one example.

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  • SaynaSLuke

    The Warriors Begining

    February 26, 2014 by SaynaSLuke

    The mighty Lord who owns the blade,

    And acquaintance of old,

    Will war long with the Lord self-made,

    Where sun turns sea to gold.

    The warrior maid with golden fur,

    Will come and help them fight.

    And even when strife is no more,

    Lingers sorrow black as night.

    Whoever hears and heeds this cry,

    To march off into war,

    The question is; Who will die?

    Whose blood will stain this shore?

    This is the first book in a trilogy called The Unsung Heroes

    Book 1: The Warrior's Beginning (completed, rewritten version of Martin the Warrior (book)

    Book 2: Four Warriors Cometh (in progress, rewritten version of Mossflower)

    Book 3: The Prophesy Fulfilled (not started, rewritten version of The Legend of Luke)

    This story is dedicated to Brain Jacques, because he had the awesome idea to…

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  • Brigadier Barty

    The Lord Maw

    February 22, 2014 by Brigadier Barty


    The mink, moonlight dancing off his dark fur, pressed the cold blade against Colonel Collin Mulberry's throat. The elderly hare gave a grunt, trying to pull him off, and the mink's smile widened, displaying stunningly white fangs.

    Putting all his weight upon his victim, immobilizing him, the mink chuckled. It was a cheery, carefree kind of sound, reminiscent of fine wines and the company of friends. It could not have been farther from the truth.

    "Ye look tired, matey. Ye've fought long an' 'ard, widout food. Lemme give ye yore rest."

    With a flick of one muscular paw, he carved a straight line across the hare's throat. With a cold shudder, the last hare of the Long Patrol lay back against the cold beach rock, and died.

    Licking the blood o…

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  • LordTBT

    Happy holidays everyone! In our 8th anniversary release, I promised in coming weeks a new feature would be coming. I am pleased to announce that it is here! Unfortunately, it took longer than I anticipated because the package I was expecting was shipped from China!

    Since 2011, I've been attempting to verify the alleged 28 languages (source) that Redwall is supposed to be translated into. Now, we've officially uncovered 23 of them, with the new addition of Chinese.

    While conducting a deep search online, I found the Chinese editions, which are called Red City Kingdom. There are a few different versions of several of the books, and I acquired two of them. Actually receiving them proved to be difficult, which I’ll soon discuss. Now, when you see the…

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  • Wolf985

    Rogue Tide

    December 1, 2013 by Wolf985

    Chapter One

    In the backstage of the theater; secluded by musty, tattered old velvet curtains, Nialla sat at a polished hardwood table, running a bristled comb through her smooth black fur and sighing a bit.

    Another mundane, sub-par day at work. How had she expected anything more or less? The old saying went, do what you want for a living and you’ll never have to work until the day you die; but lately Nialla was having less and less positive feelings about her current line of work. What with the lower and lower turnout of decent customers, and the ever-increasing number of males who would show up for the sole purpose of wolf-whistling and eyeing her body, one could not blame the otter for considering quitting.

    Across from her, a friend of Nial…

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  • Litus the Mus

    A storm was coming and Kolouz Bloodblade lord and tyrant of the dusty plains new it would not be safe to sail the Goldmist his lorcha in a storm like the one to come. The Siberian weasel becond his captain and younger brother.

    “Kolan, set us on a course towards the cost in the east,” he instructed . “And get the slaves rowing double time.”

    “Yes Kolouz.” Kolan, replied trying to gouge his siblings mood. “Do you require anything else?”

    “Nay brother, do as i have told you then be easy.” pressed Kolouz dismissing Kolan with a hard stare.

    The storm raged bucking the Goldmist up and down like a mad beast. A small fox slave clung grimly to the mast as he furled the sails of the four decked lorcha. Glancing at the other three masts he saw other slaves…

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  • Cap'n Bloodheart

    there was a mouse called emeror ,but he was a powerful mouse. he had many enemies. he hated rats, weasel, ferrets and stoats, but his worst enemy was a pine marten named bloodheart. emeror did not have a place to rest. it was a forever journey for him, but then he herd a noise it. sounded like a voice it said

    "he has to be in here some were" it was two rats.

    one of the rats said "i smell something"

    then the the other rat said "shut your trap only thing out here is us so shut your gob" then there was a noise the noise was a bird tweeting. the rats where to dumb to know it was a bird and they said

    "what was that" they pulled out their swords and stood back to back then one of the rats was jumped on, but the other rat did not know this and he did…

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