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  • Ox Rookbane


    October 10, 2016 by Ox Rookbane
    Note: Since this will have story in it to develop it, and reflect back on a canon character, I guess you could say this is Fan Fiction/Essay...
    Disclaimer: All of this is in good fun, and not to hurt the feelings of any candidate for the current U.S Election. This new candidate is also non-existent (sorry about that one). I will try to respect your opinions on the elections. :)

    "Sah, a message f'ya!"
    A hare came pounding up to the Lord's bedchamber, shouting along his message. The current badger lord sighed and turned away from his work to greet the hare. The voice was indeed familiar, and he couldn't help but smile as the hare came closer and closer. Eventually, he arrived, panting and gasping for air. Holding his arm out, he showed the mess…

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  • Marion the Warrioress

    Ok, so I finished my story called Warrioress. But I decided to add a short epilogue in which Marion explains to Martin where she was while he was off in Mossflower battling enormous wildcat queens. (Not the most normal siblings in the world).


    The reunited pair made camp that night under several oak trees. Martin stirred up a roaring fire.

    "Aaah." Marion stretched out her paws to the warmth. Her brother nodded at the jagged white scars.

    "Where'd you get these?"

    Marion smiled ruefully. "I was kidnapped by one of Badrang's patrols a short time after you must have been. When I saw Badrang for the first time, I lost control and attacked him- unarmed. It took eight of them to get me off him. Then he did this." She extended her paw…

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  • Marion the Warrioress


    August 24, 2016 by Marion the Warrioress

    Ok. So clearly this is not real. This is fan fiction. I thought it was really sad that Martin didn't have any family. Obviously, after the whole situation with Rose of Noonvale, I couldn't write a love story. And since Sayna and Luke are dead, I couldn't have Martin on a quest for his parents. So I thought of this idea instead. I am not saying it's good. I had a LOT of issues to work through with this story. Anyway, enjoy...


    Marion bit her lip to keep from crying out. Her paws always ached, but they rarely hurt like this. She glanced over at the two vixens standing beneath a spreading honey locust tree. As usual, Lady Redflash and her mother, Moonfang, were engaged in a heated argument. Marion stood up and slipped off to the river…

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  • Stormflash Diamond

    The Diamond Maid

    By Stormflash Diamond

    I have heard the Dibbuns ask about me. My past. How I came to be the Abbey Warrior. So I am telling this tale to the Abbey Recorder, Nightbird Star. This tale is the tale of my past, and how I came to the Abbey. It is a tale of greatness, treachery, and deceit. It is about what happened when I ran away, and killed my uncle, Skipper of Otters. It is how I turned from a restless young maid I apologize for rambling, these summer days are making me tired. But all I can do is try my best to relate the story as I can and tell you to bring good spirits and lots of food, this journey into my youth shall take awhile. I shall now begin my yarn.

    Enot Sarg and his motley band had been trudging about the mar…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Seven Tears Shed

    June 25, 2016 by SaynaSLuke

    By Sayna

    Echoes of Oceans, Tears of the Sea,

    Were they worth tears of such as we?

    The rose colored tears for which blood was shed,

    Their owner shed them into the sea,

    Forever safe from greed's clutches they'll be,

    No more shall evil stain them red.

    These seven tears shed,

    A curse to the dead,

    Though Ignasa's good will,

    These none can fulfill.

    Well everyone, this is it. The third and final book of my beloved 'Tears of the Ocean' trilogy. The previous book is The Ocean's Echoes. I know I spoiler a lot of things, but so far I've been able to keep most of this book under wraps. It's gonna be fun! (and tragic/bloody) *ahem coughcough*

    Yes, that brings me to the matter of violence in this book. There is quite a bit. (I mean, come on. We're starting a four-w…

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  • Ee Ay

    Author's note: This is not exactly a story, though I have thought up several plot ideas for these characters and written other pieces. It's simply a dialogue between two characters. It's more of a push to get started with writing again, and to start posting on here. I figured vermin have a culture of some sort too, so I decided to try to discover some of it through my characters Nancy and Taftaf.

    Nancy is a fieldmouse who finds herself as a guest (or a privileged prisoner, not sure which yet) in a horde. She befriends a female weasel after quite some time, and here they are washing clothes at a lake (maybe they're on washing duty, or maybe Nancy's teaching Taftaf some sanitary lessons =P).

    “Yore married, aren’t ye, Nance?” Taftaf said with a…

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  • Th3Gh0stWr1ter

    Author’s note: This is my latest writing project which I am thrilled to share with you all. It is the sequel to Kyrin: Son of a Warrior, which was completed three years ago. This is where I left off. Enjoy. ~The Ghost Writer, 6/1/2016

    Behold! My tale I tell for all

    Young and old, great and small

    I speak of realms across the sea

    A land of pain and misery

    Built on blood and ancient gold

    Beating heart of immoral bold

    So go! And find what you desire

    In the shadow of the watchful fire.

     The island of Werithor lay far out in the Western Sea, weeks away from the sandy coastline which bordered Mossflower Country. Thick forests grew all over the island, covering the landscape in a lush patch of green. Sprouting out from the center of this rocky landmass was…

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  • Astar Goldenwing

    I’ve seen these posted on DeviantArt a lot, and so I thought: why not to do the same with my Redwall characters? It would allow me to share some interesting facts that didn’t made their way into the stories proper yet, especially the development process, and I could update more often with such snippets while the proper chapters are in the work. And you can suggest the next character or characters about which you want to learn more in the comments, though personally I’d prefer to do such posts for characters that don’t get as much screen time as the mains. Then, let us begin.

    1. In my original ‘sketch’, Wavehound and Seabird’s names were Waverunner and Sea Silence respectively. You see, I originally thought up the story in Russian, and so th…

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  • Ox Rookbane


    May 17, 2016 by Ox Rookbane

    Dedicated to all my friends who've helped me get here. Again dedicated to friend LegendTeller for getting me started.

    Author's Note: Let thy anticipation die, it's on its way. From the writer of Light in The Dark and Conflux Of Time, comes the newest installment of Redwall Fanfiction written by me. Enjoy, Renaissance.

    It was a cold winter. The atmosphere was filled with chilling temperatures that bit through fur and clothes. A family snuggled up to the fire pit, retrieving warmth from the blaze it cradled. The snow whipped in with the wind that nipped at those uncovered. Blankets were draped around each member of the family as they took their supper near the fire. Their father, an albino badger, sat with his red eyes glowing with the light of th…

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    To everybeast on this wiki, you've all inspired me to keep writing, and for just being awesome!!! ^^ Also to Cressida Cowell, because she has inspired me so much as well. I'm sure if she was to read this, she would like my Hiccup. XD

    I just can't wait any longer, I have to do this! XP Now don't worry, this doesn't mean that I'm abandoning Outlaws of Mossflower at all. I will be working on both at once, which is actually what I have been doing, I just didn't publish any of it until now. ;P

    So anyways, this is the first book of my trilogy, A Hero's Journey. So if something doesn't make sense in this story and seems out of place or unresolved, remember it will all come together later. ;) I really hope it will be better than Outlaws, and it should b…

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