Distinguishing Features:N/A
Captain(s):Slashback, and later Rasconza
Destruction:Sunk/Hull Breach
Appears in:Pearls of Lutra

The Bloodkeel was a ship of Ublaz Mad Eyes' fleet captained by Slashback.

While Slashback was plotting with Barranca on the Freebooter, Sagitar Sawfang and her Trident Rats commandeered the Bloodkeel and pursued the Freebooter around Sampetra.

The corsair crews overran the Trident Rats, taking back the Bloodkeel. As former bosun of the ship and self-appointed leader of the rebel crews, Rasconza took the captaincy.

In an effort to defeat the crews, Ublaz appointed Trident Rat captains to the ships, Orlug being chosen for the Bloodkeel. Rasconza killed him, taking the ship back.

Ublaz had the last laugh though, having the Bloodkeel outfitted with a faulty tiller and rudder, forcing the ship to sink right off of the Sampetra coast.

Crew of the Bloodkeel

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