A blowpipe is a cylindrical tube, usually made of wood, which is used to fire projectiles at an enemy. One fits the projectiles in one end of the pipe, sharpest point outward; to fire them, one gives a hard puff of air through the opposite end of the pipe.

The most commonly used projectiles are sharp darts, which are often tipped with poison. However, smaller projectiles such as thorns and wood slivers have been used. The firing apparatus can be short or long in size; most creatures who used blowpipes, such as the Painted Ones, used short and easily portable pipes. Their firing range was shorter than was the case with a longer blowpipe, such as the one Ketral Vane used; a longer tube allows the dart to carry great distances with amazing accuracy.

Two creatures were known to use modifications on the traditional blowpipe form; Janglur Swifteye, whose flute doubled as a blowpipe, and the sons of Wirga, who all used hollow-handled spears that converted to long-range blowpipes once the points were removed. It is also worth mentioning that, though Blodd Apis' blowpipe was a standard reed pipe, it was unusual in the fact that she used it to shoot thorns tipped with bee venom instead of poison.

Known Users


Blowpipes appear in Mariel of Redwall, Marlfox, Taggerung, Loamhedge, Doomwyte, and The Rogue Crew.

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