Species:Red Kite
Place of Origin:Northern Mountains
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Killed by Zassaliss, Harssacss, and Sesstra
Appears: Triss

Bluddbeak, a giant red kite, was described as ancient and huge. He lived in the Northern Mountains and was a good friend to Ovus, a tawny owl who visited Redwall every now and again. Bluddbeak had been renowned for killing adders in his younger days; when Ovus heard of the danger of Zassaliss, Harssacss, and Sesstra (all adders) to the creatures of Redwall Abbey, he immediately went off to find his friend.

When the duo returned, however, the Redwallers were shocked to find that the red kite was hardly more than a half-blind relic, who had rheumatism in his wings and was not in any sort of fighting shape. However, Bluddbeak was insistent that he was afraid of no beast, and his sheer size and harsh manner prevented most Redwallers from arguing with him. He and Log-a-Log Groo had an immediate falling-out, however, as the shrew did not like to be bullied.

Against the wishes of Abbot Apodemus, Bluddbeak and Ovus set off to attack the adders. Both birds fought bravely but were slain by the snakes; Ovus' body was buried by the Redwallers, but the remains of Bluddbeak were never found. Groo felt sorry for how he had spoken of Bluddbeak and claimed the old bird, foolish as he was, had been a true warrior.

Bluddbeak and Stryk Redkite's family are the only kites in the Redwall series.

Bluddbeak in Media

  • Audio VA: Gordon Hall