The Blue Hordes were a giant collection of vermin under the command of Ungatt Trunn. They were known for their blue fur color, which was created by a special dye. They were the largest known horde of vermin to reach Salamandastron.

Prior to arriving at Salamandastron, the Blue Hordes consisted of a vast naval force, arriving at the mountain in countless ships.

Also included in Trunn's horde were spiders, which he called "Webmakers". He had them in his bedchamber, saying they were as sly as he was.

For all their strength and numbers, the Blue Hordes were an extremely difficult challenge to keep fed, something that Lord Brocktree, as well as the hares and otters of the western coast, used to their advantage.

Ungatt Trunn's Tricks

Just before the conquest of Salamandastron, Ungatt Trunn demonstrated the vastness of his army by using three illusions. These illusions also were used in his title.

  • Make the Stars Fall - A simple trick of the light in which his entire army of vermin held a lit torch. The combined brightness illuminated the land so thoroughly that the stars could not be seen.
  • Make the Sands Disappear - Trunn lined up his hordes so that they covered the entire beach, apparently causing the sands to "disappear".
  • Make the Earth Shake - The command was given for all his vermin to jump up and down at once; this caused large ripples in the sea and a great rumble reminiscent to that of an earthquake.

High Magician


Known Soldiers


The Blue Hordes appear in Lord Brocktree.

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