Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Pike, Cutlass
Death: Killed by Gurgan Spearback
Appears: The Long Patrol

Bluggach was a male stoat Rapmark in the Rapscallion army of Damug Warfang. He was described as large for his species. Strangely, he was known always to carry a cutlass as his weapon, yet in the battle he fought with a pike and hook. During the Battle of the Ridge of a Thousand, Bluggach was given charge of a quarter of Damug's forces and ordered to charge the ridge that was held by the abbeydwellers and their allies, along with Rapmark Skaup, who led a similar number of fighers. However this attack was repulsed. During the closing stages of the battle the stoat was killed by the mallet of Gurgan Spearback after a series of taunts were yelled at one other.